Doe Boys for boil up

does any one no ov the best an easy way to make doe boys for a boil up with water cress etc etc

Chef_julz105, Feb 15, 2:47 pm

they are the same as dumplings. I use 1 cup flour, a pinch salt, 1small tsp BP, water or milk to mix. can add mixed herbs and or cheese as well. Mix then roll into balls and place on top of boil up or stew or soup.
Its basically a scone dough mix.

Chef_cgvl, Feb 15, 5:03 pm

I just use plain flour and water. tip flour into bowl, run some cold water into the bowl (not heaps! or it will be runny) then stir it in the bowl, then grap out clumps shape it into balls and chuck in your pot, on top of the watercress and whatever else you have placed in your pot. I usually salt them once they're all in the pot.
this is the way I grew up making them! no different lol

Chef_cityboi1, Feb 15, 5:22 pm

Thankyou soooo much this helps heaps yummmmm!

Chef_julz105, Feb 15, 5:36 pm

Doe girls

Chef_rainrain1, Feb 23, 6:19 am

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