Frittata's - whats some good ingediants for them

I've just made my 2nd ever frittata - and its rather good. Onion, mushroom, bacon, zucchini and potato. Cheese as well but I don't know if this is a typical ingredient or not? Anyway, what are some other filling suggestions please? This must be one of the cheaper meals you could make. And reasonably healthy with the veges in it.

Chef_dibble35, Jan 31, 3:27 pm

Would you share your recipe please?
Kumara would be nice too - ham, sweetcorn?

Chef_floralsun, Jan 31, 3:40 pm

Other vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower florets are also tasty.

Chef_lodgelocum, Jan 31, 3:42 pm

Hi, I don't actually have a recipe as such, googled a few recipes to get the gist of what you do. All I did for lunch was fry up the veges and bacon till cooked - obviously potatoes onions would take longest - all in a pan that can go under a grill. I then scattered over some grated cheese till it started to melt. Then beat 6 eggs tipped them over the top. Cooked for a few mins on the stove top then put under a grill till the top had set and gone golden brown. Few mixed herbs, S&P. Was really nice hot, and quite nice cold, can see me taking this for lunches when I go back to work next week.

Chef_dibble35, Jan 31, 4:52 pm

Yes that does sound good.

Chef_dibble35, Jan 31, 4:53 pm

Capsicum, sundried tomato, cooked potato, chorizo or salami, grated zucchini, feta - whatever's in the fridge really - great way to use up small amounts of veggies.

Chef_sarahb5, Jan 31, 6:47 pm

Many thanks :-)

Chef_floralsun, Jan 31, 9:47 pm

Cooked pumpkin , a few pine nuts , crumbled feta , corn kernals . yum love making them and as stated . great quick easy way to use up leftovers . Add a crunchy salad for a great meal ; )

Chef_jbsouthland, Jan 31, 10:45 pm

You all forgot the spinach or silverbeet.

Chef_paora-tm, Feb 1, 11:07 am

Because I never buy silverbeet and rarely have leftover spinach

Chef_sarahb5, Feb 1, 11:58 am

Pumpkin (dry), spinach and blue cheese.

Chef_glenn-ellyn, Feb 1, 1:38 pm

Pumpkin - gross :-) but the spinach and blue cheese sounds yummy, maybe with a few nuts added.

Chef_dibble35, Feb 1, 4:38 pm

Leeks, bacon and spinach when leeks are available. Salmon spinach and cherry tomato. I add feta to most frittatas and chorizo is awaysa good addition.

Chef_greerg, Apr 8, 12:41 pm

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