I honestly don't know how I functioned properly.

before I discovered Mono Magic Foil (like, last month)! Does anyone else have a "life-changing miracle product" find to share with the group?

Chef_battgirl, Jun 11, 3:06 pm

How is it different to ordinary foil?
My life changing product could be wine and/or chocolate ;o)

Chef_samanya, Jun 11, 4:06 pm

How is it different to ordinary foil?! Why, my dear, it's utterly NON-STICK! I line all my ovenware with it now and just through it away at the end - no clean up. Unless I'm making pan-gravy of course. Seriously, it's miraculous.

Chef_battgirl, Jun 11, 4:56 pm

Read this thread and went back to the drawer that holds foil etc and VOILA ! it is the same as battgirl. Must remember to do other things according to battgirl .

Chef_rosejenny38, Jun 11, 7:11 pm

I just use baking paper, for slices and oven chips, and bacon and egg pie, and roasties

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 11, 7:33 pm

But, but but but, I'm not knocking your tin foil, I must try it :0

Chef_rainrain1, Jun 11, 7:38 pm

oh, it's not MY tinfoil and according to some of my knowledgable friends it's going to kill me with aluminium cancer or something. but I still highly recommend it.

Chef_battgirl, Jun 11, 8:07 pm

baking paper I know its been around for years, but i have just starting using it, so easy, um no washing

Chef_slimgym, Jun 12, 3:07 am

Seldom use foil, not biodegradable.
What's wrong with baking paper?

Chef_gilligee, Jun 12, 9:24 am

Yeah, I am a baking paper fan too. but it doesn't seem to crisp up oven chips/fish bits etc like shiny foil (that's probably just in my head).

Chef_battgirl, Jun 12, 9:24 am

I use it alot too, its great when I do stuffed baked spuds the cheese doesnt stick and yes the bottoms a crispy, also great for sticky chicken. the sugar in the sauce doesnt stick.

Chef_teddy147, Jun 12, 4:10 pm

It's a good product. I take it away with us when we're doing the self-catering thing either here in NZ or overseas. saves angst cleaning up sometimes less than wonderful cooking surfaces.

OP asked for other great product recommendations so here's one. love the Glad press n' seal, very handy for all sorts of things. :)

Chef_sampa, Jun 12, 7:22 pm

I love the non stick foil too, it's fabulous for putting on the BBQ plate before cooking things like chicken satay and stuff with sticky marinades, they cook perfectly - never stick and like you say clean up is so easy :-)

Chef_pony_girl, Jun 2, 9:17 pm

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