Oh please help

I am making bacon and egg pie. . can't put cheese in bottom do do I blind bake

Chef_fletch37, Jul 4, 10:10 am

place 1 rung down from the middle in the oven, prick base all over with a fork. ive never found blind baking a success for bacon and egg pie. also the dish you cook it in. pays to have one that retains the heat well, this will help too

Chef_motorbo, Jul 4, 10:24 am

What recipe or how are you doing it from start to finish, if you think of using cheese also then ice to know when or where it is going so the whole recipe please including full instructions.


Chef_valentino, Jul 4, 11:04 am

Hmmm, thinking further but possibly another experiment a little perhaps. with cheese on the bottom.

What if one put pastry into a pie dish as normal, with the sides up and slightly over the edge that the sides upwards is then covered with say Foil, grated cheese all over the top of the bottom ( a very good amount plus a bit more) grill it carefully for the cheese to do it's thing then allow to cool and continue with the rest of pie finishing with more grated cheese over the top of pie.

Hmmm, just thinking but perhaps if a real cheese fan then maybe, LOL.

This is what cooking is all about, trying out things for yourself.

Cheers and all the best.

Chef_valentino, Jul 4, 11:12 am

if you want to stop the base going soggy, I always precook the bacon, that way all the water comes out before I put it into the pie.

Chef_tjma, Jul 4, 11:17 am

Another way to stop soggy bottoms is always make pie in metal tin, cook in middle of oven sitting on oven tray which you put in when turning oven on to pre heat, crisps up bottom nicely.

Chef_fifie, Jul 4, 11:27 am

Hi valentino/Phil. How are you nowdays?

IMO fletch37 is not intending to use cheese at all - she said "can't put cheese in bottom". IMO she is recalling a quite frequently offered hint/suggestion/solution to prevent pie making resulting in soggy-bottomed pies i.e. to add a light sprinkle of grated cheese to the raw pastry case before adding the filling. That appears to not be an option for fletch37 so I believe her question is. should she blind bake the pastry before adding her bacon and egg filling? I have never done so but admittedly it is quite some time since I made a bacon and egg pie - it is our choice nowdays to simply have the bacon and eggs as is rather than with pastry. :-))

Chef_245sam, Jul 4, 11:30 am

I never put cheese in my B&E pies but I do use a metal pie dish so no soggy bottoms and yes, do as fifie suggests with oven,.

Chef_nauru, Jul 4, 7:27 pm

Bacon and egg pie is just that. no cheese!

Chef_awoftam, Jul 4, 7:33 pm

I make bacon and Egg pie without cheese in it.
Lie pie tin/dish with pastry then sprinkle very lightly the base with a tiny bit of cornflour or flour, you don't need very much at all. Then I layer bacon and then eggs whole and finely add 1-2 eggs beaten with a little milk and salt and pepper. I then add the top and put it in a hot oven. When it is cooked I find the pastry comes away from the sides of the dish (a bit like a cake does). I don't get soggy bottoms. I just made one tonight and cooked it at 180C until nice and golden on top. I do turn them out onto a wire rack to cool as well.

Chef_cgvl, Jul 4, 7:53 pm

Hmmm, yeah Shirley but a thought with using cheese sort of occurred and just thinking if it was to be looked at further as never done this yet.
I Iove cheeses and I love a good basic Bacon and Egg Pie, I also love quiches and quite often will have a bit of cheese on these so was just thinking further as being me, LOL.

Chef_valentino, Apr 9, 9:48 pm

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