I dumped my trolley and left

How many people leave the Supermarket without the food they went in for. I am sick of having to wait to get through checkout, 4 out of 9 checkouts are open and people are banked up for half an hours wait or more. Usually 1 or 2 of the self service are out. I am not the only one guilty of leaving my trolley, I came upon a trolley the other day full as pushed to the side by itself. We are lucky to have a good stock up and a full freezer and can go back another time when it isn't so busy.

Chef_pickles7, Mar 10, 3:16 pm

What supermarket? I have this problem with certain Countdowns. Never had any issues with Pak n Save or New World. Some Countdowns still don't have self-serve checkouts and they often don't open their express lanes. And when they do they open 1 express lane. I often get queued up behind people with trolley loads of items when I just want to buy milk or bread. It's more of a problem in the evening when they have skeleton staff. I have dumped my stuff numerous times - if they can't spend enough money on labour then they are not getting my money.

I used to work for a place (not a supermarket) that were skimpy on checkout staff - I often got abused by customers and people often walked out and ditched their goods. Apparently it makes better business sense to pi$$ off your staff and customers than allocate a few extra dollars in the wage budget.

Chef_puddleduck00, Mar 10, 3:23 pm

Let me guess Countdown ? I haven't but my gosh I have been so tempted to a few times especially when I have had frozen stuff.I have been in to get a few things at times and have been unable to get what I want so put items back on the shelves that I did have and gone to the competition and spent a lot more.I am talking basic things like currants,pumpkin seeds and meat that has been advertised but no stock out.

Chef_priscilla2, Mar 10, 3:23 pm

No checkout queues online.

Chef_sampa, Mar 10, 3:27 pm

+1 then I go collect it.

Chef_lythande1, Mar 10, 3:41 pm

Countdown is very bad, but this was Pak n Save on Saturday. We must have struck the pickers. We will be more alert as to the vans they use for shopping.

Chef_pickles7, Mar 10, 3:46 pm

I have a friend who buys online, loves it, I need the outing and the chit chat on the way around lol.

Chef_pickles7, Mar 10, 3:51 pm


Chef_kay141, Mar 10, 3:52 pm

Do you mean all the shop owners that use Pak n Save instead of an actual distributor/supplier? I often see diary owners stocking up their trolleys with Coke and V when it's on special.

Chef_puddleduck00, Mar 10, 3:59 pm

I nearly did the same on Friday at countdown. The checkout next to me processed 8 orders of a reasonable size while the one I half loaded onto was mucking around packing groceries, talking to the person she knew who was buying and THEN the till tape jammed and had to wait for a new till machine replacement. AGGGGRRRRR

Chef_asue, Mar 10, 4:00 pm

I don't wish to put a cat among the pigeons, but I think it is very ill mannered to dump a trolley, although I can understand the frustration.
Would it not be more proactive to express your dissatisfaction/concerns directly to management?
It's not the staff's fault (unless they are 'socialising' at the till)
It's not a very competitive environment for grocery shopping, as far as we only have a couple of major supply chains, but each store wants to keep right up there with their share of the market.
Just sayin.

Chef_samanya, Mar 10, 4:55 pm

Countdown is terrible for that . all the time !

Chef_ljayl, Mar 10, 6:39 pm

So what do you do about it?
You are the customer & if you are not happy, why don't you & all of the unhappy customers speak up?
If enough people expressed their complaints . you might achieve the changes, don't you reckon?

Chef_samanya, Mar 10, 6:47 pm

Another good reason to shop online although I was tempted to do similar in The Warehouse today

Chef_sarahb5, Mar 10, 7:04 pm

Why would anybody just walk away leaving their trolley for the overworked staff to sort out? I have felt like it but never done it. I'm never in that much of a hurry especially when I know the staff are doing their best. A complaint to management would be a much better option.

Chef_kay141, Mar 10, 7:21 pm

Oh sarah, I'd love to have the confidence to shop on line. I grow all of my own veges - & i feel guilty going through the checkout without anything
' green' in there, in case I'm being watched! But then I thought . who effin cares, apart from me?

Chef_samanya, Mar 10, 7:35 pm

Its not about confidence at all - its about hating supermarket shopping and about having better things to do with my evenings and weekends

Chef_sarahb5, Mar 10, 7:43 pm

I hate supermarket shopping, passionately!
But . if I have to buy fruit etc, I like to pick my own , you know, push, gently squeeze, feel the produce & make sure it's OK?
Don't you?

Chef_samanya, Mar 10, 7:48 pm

I ask the staff to open another checkout if there are only express ones or self service ones open and I have a trolley full. Quite often if I am there earlyish in the morning there is only 1 checkout open and it will be an express one. I shop at our Countdown all the time and the staff know me as a regular; they tease me a bit if I ask, but they open one nevertheless. Don't ask, don't get. At least worth going to the controller and asking rather than dumping a trolley that someone is going to have to unpack.

Chef_fefeoc, Mar 10, 8:21 pm

Our Countdowns here are exactly the same, therefore I don't shop there very often. My local New World always have plenty of checkouts available.

Chef_village.green, Mar 10, 8:54 pm

No - I trust the staff to do that for me. They can't afford to get it wrong because people would take it back - never had a problem

Chef_sarahb5, Mar 10, 8:59 pm

I know it's annoying to have to queue at the checkout, but it seems to me that if you take account of the time that you spend travelling to and from the supermarket, plus the time spent in the aisles finding your groceries, the total of that will be so much more then the ten minutes spent in the worst queue that it would be madness to abandon the trolley in a fit of pique.

In Auckland I find that Countdown queues are much longer than New World ones.

Chef_davidt4, Mar 10, 9:48 pm

A lot of managers take advantage of the shoppers in here who would not leave there trolley.That is why the staff get pushed, then pushed even more. I have no thought about who puts my shopping back, or what can't be put back [ fresh ,frozen etc] All that is brought to the managers attention. It just can't be near as much as the savings, on wages. I say the Managers take it on the chin with a grin.
My time is priceless. Thousands pour into Hastings for the Fruit picking season, and one Supermarket put off 6 full time staff. That manager is not grinning he is laughing.

Chef_pickles7, Mar 11, 8:16 am

Good for you pickles. It is not up to you to singlehandedly alter the culture of bad service in a supermarket. If you feel strongly you could write a letter of complaint to head office. That usually has much more effect than registering complaints with the owner/manager who will just shrug it off because it doesn't go any further. When Foodstuffs management come down on the operator's head, he'll respond with more alacrity and enthusiasm than if you'd complained direct to him. If you see anyone as annoyed as you, recommend a letter to head office as well. The more the merrier.

Foodstuffs, btw, is very much concerned with the way their stores are operated and they demand, and expect, certain standards to be reached, including customer service. Perception, is everything. A happy customer is money in the bank for them.

Chef_buzzy110, Mar 11, 9:46 am

A happy customer is indeed money in the bank & I'd like to know what you base your assumption that "registering complaints with the owner/manager who will just shrug it off because it doesn't go any further" is based on?
I was by no means advocating that pickles alone should complain, was I & I did say 'management' . head office is management, is it not?
If every dissatisfied customer expressed their concern, they do have the power to change things, if they can't be tolerant & wait.
I live out of town & I wait in supermarket queues, simply because it's too much of a hassle to make another trip to get groceries.

Chef_samanya, Mar 11, 10:43 am

I left my full trolley at the checkout once about 20 years ago as I got fed up with waiting for the checkout operator to stop socialising with the person ahead of me. They were just talking and did not care about the queue building up. They chatted for at least 10minutes after she had finished processing the customer's groceries.
I don't mind waiting in a queue and accept that can happen.

Chef_lyingnun, Mar 11, 10:57 am

standing in a queue for nearly an hour is not acceptable when you are busy and Countdown is full of shoppers and only a handful of staff on the checkouts and none of them in a rush to push people through still had time for chit chat to mates going through

Had to queue at PNS a couple of times but you don't mind so much when you see all check outs working flat out

Pity we have to travel to PNS or our local Countdown wouldn't see any of my money

Chef_griffo4, Mar 11, 11:21 am

Simple answer instead of leaving trolley and walking off is to go to the main Reception type counter and state "if not served with say 5 minutes then my Trolley will be left with you to re-sort, and will repeat this if such service continued".
Try it next time, result can be quite startling.
Hopefully you left the trolley at this point and not in the normal aisle-counter.

Also, fill in those suggestion forms or whatever and slip them into those boxes, some stores have these. I quite often used them to let them know that not keeping a regular supply on some items is not acceptable and point out to them that other stores and note their names has them and note why should I travel that extra distance if this store has what others have. Blah blah and so on, but if sufficient amount then it is worthwhile.

They soon get the message but will continue it as well and they receive more notes but with added comments, " Ah still the same", Yep, be up front.

Re shopping online, I like to smell my fresh items before I buy them, it is enough hassles re above to have these added hassles.

Oh, ordered Dominos one night with that delivery special including drinks and change drinks to Mountain Dew thinking the normal drink but no, they delivered the red Mountain Dew - did not know this came out, no mentioned of it and if I returned all then pizzas will be cold, students more hungrier etc. Oh they got the message later.

Cheers, my grunts for now.

Chef_valentino, Mar 11, 11:38 am

Then couldn't you find someone to chit chat with while you waited?

Chef_yjeva, Mar 11, 11:59 am

Apparently there's quite a bit of squeezing and sniffing going on in the produce aisles of our nations supermarkets. Hmmm.

Chef_sampa, Mar 11, 12:34 pm

I sent a complaint (different issue to OP) to the Countdown website, using their "countdown listens" website and an invitation card. I ticked the "I'd like to be contacted" box, and supplied phone-number and email address - purely because I was doubtful that my complaint would be acknowledged, and this would provide proof.

Well, that was back in October last year. No call, no email. Either they have a 5-month backlog of complaints to wade through, or they don't give a %$&@.

Chef_mjhdeal, Mar 11, 1:02 pm

Wonder Why?

Supermarkets should now know by now that consumers these days are more up with the play.

They need to get their act together over everything if they want continued business, including fresh foods to be fresh foods, quality is excellent if price is as such, cheap prices does not mean prices of items bordering on rubbish material but merely a true special price is a true price reduced to a truly good quality.
And the time to get served at some places, means these cheap items are getting squashed and closer to Rubbish bins, hmmmm enough noted.

There are plenty of stores now if in major city areas, a bit harder for the rural folks though. Hmmmm.

Chef_valentino, Mar 11, 1:47 pm

I have never once in my life had to wait 30+mins in a checkout line, and have been to some very busy stores. I shop at PnS though, and sounds like it's a regular problem at Countdown. I would be very miffed waiting that long as well (especially when my kids were little), but don't think I would just dump a trolley still - I would at least take my trolley to the help desk or an attendant and tell them I have to leave, so they can restock the items.

There has only been one time in my life I have dumped a trolley. I was 9mths pregnant (well, a week away), with a just under 2yr old. It was the height of a very hot, humid Auckland summer. A young boy of about 11ish came up right beside me and grabbed 4-5 large bottles of blue pepsi (actually pushing in front of me). He obviously couldn't hold all of them properly and before I knew it, one dropped on the ground, right at my feet, bursting open and completely drenching me in blue pepsi (it went off like a blue fizzy fountain!). I looked like a blue whale. I'm afraid to say all decorum (or what little I was trying to maintain in my condition) went out the window and I left (even though we were in the very last aisle and I had a very full trolley). I was left standing there, HUGE belly, sore, hot, uncomfortable and dripping with blue, sticky pepsi. The boy didn't even say sorry, he scampered lol (probably saw the look on my face, so don't blame him). I still feel bad about that (over 12yrs ago!), that I didn't tell someone I was dumping and running.

Chef_hd07, Mar 11, 2:19 pm

Half an hour?!

Gawd. when I was working at a supermarket we would have been crucified if we were that slow. You HAD to scan at a minimum speed.

Though I have been in line for over 15 mins with only 2 people ahead of be before. The checkout woman was a snail.

I go through the self-service ones most of the time.

Chef_twelve12, Mar 11, 2:27 pm

I can quite understand the dump and run in your case. I've never timed how long I've waited but doubt it has ever been more than 10 minutes. Recently, I have started going to a Pak N Save about 11am -noon on a Saturday, the place is usually packed but we still don't have to wait long.

Chef_kay141, Mar 11, 2:34 pm

You are out of touch.
Managers don't care, so long as folk are prepared to wait and buy, why should they. 6 staff who were put off is a $3500.00 saving, maybe $500.00 on overtime for others to pick up, $100.00 in the bin from perished goods. Do the math. I choose not to buy into there business plan and will continue to dump my trolley if need be.

Chef_pickles7, Mar 11, 6:09 pm

I couldn't bother now. buzzy110. easier to just leave the trolley, lol. Only once this year so far. The worst part is it wasn't the usual supermarket renowned for poor service.
I sent 2 e-mail with regards to a Bin Inn not giving a docket with goods, but after 2 years they still do not offer a docket. I was near robbed of $16.00 with a $16.00 sum not totaled off. I asked for my docket and for it to be itemised, a biggy ah. I had paid already. I never even flinched at the price as I was buying nut flour etc all costly ingredients. I now ask for a docket, just dare they again charge me another 'not totaled off ' sum. An old trick, but a goodie for them. That $16.00 not totaled. money in the back pocket ? I wonder how many times it works for them.

Chef_pickles7, Mar 11, 6:38 pm

Agree. Same with veg (we grow most of our own, but still buy a few bits). also prefer to choose my own meat/fish etc if I need to buy those.

Chef_biggles45, Mar 11, 6:41 pm

I couldn't bear someone else to be choosing my fruit and veges as samanya says. In fact I don't want anyone filling my list of groceries. I'm a pretty astute shopper - as probably most of us are - I can't imagine some unknown person thinking 'oh, esther is a bit picky so best be careful' - then chucking any old thing into my order. *shudders delicately*. And I buy fruit and veg at a very good local greengrocer anyway.

However - age is creeping up and I might need one day to have a more trusting nature. Poor devil filling my list - 'canned tomatoes please, 6 cans - oh no not the Watties at $1.20 per tin, go to the bottom shelves and get me the Homebrand at 90c per tin. Just as good, thick juice and lovely whole tomatoes'. Countdown would probably refuse me as a customer.

Just to add - my local Countdown is as bad as most others mentioned here - three checkouts open and queues from here to eternity. Over thirty minutes wait the other day - only to be not greeted by some po-faced unhappy looking checkout person who probably hates the management - and the job! Dumping sounds attractive - except there is probably something in my trolley I badly need for dinner tonight lol!

Chef_esther-anne, Mar 11, 7:22 pm

Esther if you want home brand or whatever else they supply you with that, no issues. If they don't have stock and you're online shopping they'll supply the more expensive brand but only charge you for what you've actually ordered. I'm not trying to convince you to change but simply saying that we've mostly won in situations like that.

Chef_sampa, Mar 11, 9:04 pm

I went to a supermarket in Picton last week where the young man serving me greeted me with"hello hows your day going" and before I could answer he then turned to his co worker to continue gossiping about someone. So I promptly told him that when he is serving me, he must give my sale full attention as mistakes are made otherwise. With that he went into a massive pout! Bad mannered sod!

Chef_vomo2, Mar 11, 9:13 pm

. rotfl I wish I had seen that bwahahaaaaaaaaa

Chef_awoftam, Mar 11, 9:22 pm

Well, my Countdown must be the best in the country then! I never have to wait more than five minutes in the queue. And as for online shopping - you stipulate what you want and very often if they can't provide that, they will ring you to ask if they can substitute and usually at the lower price.

I can't believe that people really have to wait 30 minutes - an hour in a queue!

Chef_waswoods, Mar 11, 9:36 pm

gutless people make it clear time is a factor or say something if it is a real problem to get threw the checkout

Chef_3_cent_coin, Mar 11, 10:04 pm

Believe it - I'm not fabricatring and I doubt anyone else is!

Chef_esther-anne, Mar 11, 10:47 pm

sampa wrote:
Esther if you want home brand or whatever else they supply you with that, no issues. If they don't have stock and you're online shopping they'll supply the more expensive brand but only charge you for what you've actually ordered. I'm not trying to convince you to change but simply saying that we've mostly won in situations like that.[/quoet

That's really very helpful sampa and heartening to know that there is some effort to provide you with something else if what you require isn't there. And someone else said the staff making up the order will actually ring if there is a query with anything which means good communication.

My Countdown is just so lackadaisical and understaffed it has kind of put me off trying their delivery service. but it may become a necessity in the near future and you have reassured me that the service is good (in fact it could be better than dealing with the apparently really depressed people who work in my branch. Poor staff are probably overworked and underpaid. I always tend to wonder about management skills when the staff seem so cheerless).

Chef_esther-anne, Mar 11, 10:57 pm

Sounds like you are shopping at the same time everyone else is, change your shopping day to Monday - it's the quiet day for supermarkets.

Chef_phalanx2, Mar 11, 11:30 pm

I don't mind waiting, thats the time I get to read the magazines each week it saves me money because then I don't have to buy them :-)

Chef_kiwiscrapper1, Mar 11, 11:30 pm

Rather disgusting somewhat but some people are proud of doing that.

Chef_buzzy110, Mar 12, 8:27 am

I now know who you are, but you are miles away from where I shop, LOL.

Chef_valentino, Jan 3, 2:01 pm

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