For those who have Copper Based Pots and Pans

Sometimes I get very laxed about cleaning these bottoms until recently installed a new ceramic top and one or two started to stick a little to the top and sometimes leave a very sticky substance.

So of to the hardware store to get some wet'dry to give these a good clean and bring them up shining again BUT came across these "Sanding Sponges".

These really worked a treat and now I have a full set of Pots and pans with very shining bases and it only cost about $5 to $6 each and is reusable like a normal sponge.

P.S. I do have a grinder with sanding discs but would had been quite (or too) severe.

Cheers and hopes this helps someone.

Chef_valentino, Aug 2, 1:13 pm

Great for coffee mugs and tea cups also. valentino

Chef_pickles7, Aug 2, 3:25 pm

We use black sauce and have done for 43 years and they are still like new.

Chef_lochanora, Aug 2, 4:15 pm

Just clean with salt & vinegar or lemon & salt they come up very shining my pots are over forty years always look nice.

Chef_sailor13, Aug 2, 5:38 pm

Black sauce?
Now I am intrigued!

Chef_uli, Aug 2, 6:42 pm

I mix 2 tblspns flour with 1 tblspns salt . Mix to a paste with malt vinegar and spread over copper base on saucepans etc. Rinse off. Easy and sparkling clean.

Chef_roseann48, Aug 3, 1:37 pm

Worcestershire Sauce.

Chef_wasgonna, Aug 3, 2:07 pm

Yeah thats the one, it works a treat, pour some on the bottom and swirl around then wash as normal.

Chef_lochanora, Aug 3, 3:58 pm

OMG - what is it doing to my intestines then?

Chef_uli, Aug 3, 9:20 pm

Black sauce-full of salt and some vinegar.

Chef_lilyfield, Aug 3, 10:54 pm

What do you mean by "Swirl around", my post 1 was referring to the outside bottom that makes contact with the stove top.

The best way to bring these back to like new is to polish them, generally using a polisher that has a wee bit of grit compound added or something does the same similar job same as polishing S/S initially for that polished look, otherwise known as buffing.

Hence my note re these "Sanding Sponge" they can also be rinsed clean ready to go again.

Cheers everyone, some great comments given though to general care.

Chef_valentino, Aug 4, 9:32 am

And it polishes up those Aluminium Baking trays, gets rid of that darkish very light under-colouring of the surface making trays very shining.
Some Aluminium Trays can oxidise over a period of time but this is a little different.

Be careful though as what comes off may be quite surprising, then you wondering how did I ever used these for baking without baking paper.



Chef_valentino, Aug 5, 7:59 am

Oh, remember to very lightly smear (not even that amount) of cooking oil rubbed all over the surface of tray before storing, helps in conditioning the trays ideally.


Chef_valentino, Jan 23, 5:11 am

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