someone has requested an oxtail stew in this house.
where is the cheapest place to buy this in (in other words, rubbish meat).
Someone mentioned Bairds Road, Auckland

Chef_pericles, May 28, 12:34 pm

Yum! been ages since I've had an oxtail stew. Full of flavour. It's not rubbish meat it's just that you very rarely see it for sale and some don't like it only coz where it's situated on the cow.

Chef_kam04, May 28, 12:50 pm

and I don't like it because, I'm a vegie only

Chef_pericles, May 28, 12:56 pm

Good luck finding one, it'll probably cost though. The last bit over the fence is always the sweetest!

Chef_rainrain1, May 28, 1:13 pm

over the fence, . that's the next door neighbours cat haha

Chef_pericles, May 28, 1:18 pm

Might be quite tasty

Chef_rainrain1, May 28, 1:52 pm

Oxtail is no longer a cheap meat, it along with neck chops has become rather more expensive. Pak n Save had oxtail for more than $6 for 3-4 small pieces, the larger pieces in a pack were around the $8 mark. It used to be such a cheap meat. Same with the neck chops they are now in excess of $10 for a measly 6 here.

Chef_cgvl, May 28, 2:20 pm

I agree. I made oxtail stew the other day from 3 packs I'd bought over several months. When I totaled up the cost it came to about $30.00 and we had it for 3 meals. That was $10 a meal and therefore, imo, very expensive. Oxtail has become a 'delicacy'.

Chef_buzzy110, May 28, 3:08 pm

Neck Chops were $5.95Kg at our local supermarket the other day. We had a meal of them last week off the Lamb I butchered a couple of weeks ago mmmmmm delicious.

Chef_beaker59, May 28, 3:26 pm

Here's the perfect link for you then as a cat loving vege :)


Chef_beaker59, May 28, 3:28 pm

I love that man on Would I Lie to You,,, I don't know his name, Great fun show

Chef_rainrain1, May 28, 6:31 pm

Mid winter slow cooked oxtail stew with star of anise and pumpkin dumplings just the best. Butchers will get it for you but it aint cheap.

Chef_fifie, May 28, 8:00 pm

Aussie Butcher has it

Chef_stasi21, May 29, 6:54 pm

I brought one the other day and am going to make this:


I don't usually take the meat off the bone however like his idea of serving over pappardelle

Chef_awoftam, Jul 1, 5:10 am

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