Smoked Trout - recipes Please

surf2, Mar 9, 11:47pm
Was given a fresh Smoked trout last night, Ideas what to do with it please would be great.

seaspray1, Mar 10, 1:07am
Pate - throw some of it in the food processor with some cream cheese, a bit of lemon juice and some cracked black pepper (and anything else you fancy) - delicious.

julmar, Mar 10, 1:12am
slice french stick, drizle with your fav olive oil. press in a small base layer of cream cheese, followed by smoked trout, and another thin layer of cream cheese on top. sprinkle tuscan seasoning on top and bake. devine

glenleigh, Oct 17, 11:13am
Love it on crackers, glass of wine, sit back and enjoy it as it is.

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