chrisynz, Mar 9, 2:52am
Dr wants hubby to go onto a gluten free diet, what sort of foods can he have or not have, as we are on a budgetsome tips would be great, can u buy bread or flour to make bread(i have a breadmaker) etc etc. . thank you in advance...

jamjars05, Mar 9, 2:59am
buy basco bread mix, cooks in the oven in a loaf pan in 40 mins, no kneading. san remo have GF pasta now. no more soya sauce, use tamari. orgran have good gravy mix and magi are now doing GF packet sauce. look on the ingredients for thickeners, if it doesn't say it's from corn or maize don't use it as is most likely wheat thickener.
just because one flavour of something by a certain brand is ok don't assume that another in the same brand is, always check the labels.

fruitluva2, Mar 9, 3:13am
Geee I saw the loaves of gluten bread in the s'market last week for an outrageous price of $7.
In the search box on your left type in Glutenfree recipes then the next wee box below andclick anytime, a hosts of links will show of all the threads with recipes, tips etc.

gaspodetwd, Mar 9, 4:43am
Rice - paella, rissotto, asian type dishes. No soy sauce - use tamari. I use San J - and get their teriyaki sauce too - perfect for chicken or mince or anything. You will need to buy GF stocks cubes - or make your own. Soups - are very easy to make from scratch. Buy Chelsea sugar - most other brands are not GF. Pams said they are supposed to be GF - but it makes my two ill. Make gravy from scratch - it is so easy and not full or gums and other rubbish. Meat - not processed - chickens - some contain gluten. I tend to buy bigger joints - like whole chicken or a large beef roast. Then cook with carrot and onions and celery and use the juices to make gravy or a stock. Jacket potatoes with salad, BBq meat and salad. Assume that things have gluten unless it says otherwise - cross contamination is a huge issue - and always ring the manufacturers to find out. poached salmon, with new potatoes and lots of veges is a good, beef in honey tamari and garlic with ginger is a favourite. Get some herbs in then garden and use fresh garlic and ginger and good qulaity black pepper. And buy a rice cooker if you don't own one.

ruby19, Mar 9, 4:53am
The healthy food guide has gluten free recipes frequently in their mag try their web site, or subscribe. I think going back to scratch as in eating veg, meat, fruits, with out too much processed food is probably the best way, albeit a shock to the system to start.

bedazzledjewels, Mar 9, 4:56am
There are a couple of long-running gluten free threads on this forum.

Use the search function to the left of your screen.

jamjars05, Mar 9, 7:34am
where do you get the san j from? ? ?
i sooooo want a gf teriyaki! !

also. the signature range liquid stock is good.
and yes, just making things 'from scratch' takes out any doubt. we very rarely use any packet stuff or pre-mades anymore

gaspodetwd, Mar 9, 7:49am
I get mine from fresh choice. Though usually found in the asian food aisle.

jamjars05, Mar 9, 7:56am

aphra1, Mar 9, 10:57am
GF Orgran gravy mix is foul IMO. Make from scratch or Maggi do a packet of instant.

herika, Oct 15, 3:54pm
Hi, I use Braggs All Purpose Seasoning, basically a soy sauce that is mad from only soy beans and water and has no gluten what so ever, no additives, preservatives, alcohol etc etc in it. It is excellent and tastes just like normal soy sauce. Buy from your local health shop. Make sure you check for "hidden gluten" and always read all the ingredients listed on labels. There are a couple of other threads about gluten intolerance in here you may find helpful, that are loaded with information :)

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