Calling all roast masters :D

allurs, Mar 8, 11:34pm
Hi guys, could someone help?
I've gota whole peice of scotch, atm its frozed and weighting 1. 2kg,
What is the best way to roast it? How long do I cook it for?
Also does anyone have any ideas on whats nice to accompany it? ? Was tinking the normal roast but its blue sky and warm so I dont think its 'winter roast' time yet lol thanks to all that helps!

valentino, Mar 8, 11:48pm
BBQ Rotisserried with a nice mustard mainade-glaze.

Check out this post #5 in the following link. . asp
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510, Oct 15, 4:51pm
In the Donna hay's Christmas recipe Book there is a lovely recipe that I often adapt for cooking Bolar etc. It is called Roast beef with horse radish sauce. I have never made the sauce but i follow her basic instructions
She uses1. 2 kg of beef fillet, basically the oiled beef is seared in a baking first on the top of the stove I used a cast iron frying pan for this for 3 mins each side. remove from heat and brush the meat with a mixture of 3 tspns salt, 2 tsp cracked black pepper, 3 Tbspn chopped tyme leaves, 1 & 1/2 Tbsp grtd lemon rind, 4 cloves garlic. I have left out some of these ingredients or used dried tyme & it has still turned out. she suggests you roast it in a preheated oven at 200 C for 30 mins for rare or longer to you liking. She ties it with kitchen string first but i usually use bolar so there is no need. The horseradish sauce sounds yummy I can also post that if you like horse radish sauce. Hope this is helpful

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