Milled Oats

kiwi.adventures, Mar 8, 10:08pm
Anyone here know the diff between milled and rolled oats, nutritionally? does it make any diff? Would you say milled oats porridge is good for a good breakfast each morning made with water not milk? What about porridge overall? Good energy all day?

buzzy110, Mar 8, 10:14pm
Soak your oats in Lion Red then throw away, drink the rest of the carton of Lion Red then go out, and if you are still standing sow your own wild oats. This may sap your energy somewhat but it will only be temporary.

kiwi.adventures, Mar 8, 10:23pm
... . .

elliehen, Mar 9, 12:42am
Milled just means processed and rolled is the whole grain flattened. What's more important is the difference between stone-ground (a cold process) and the ordinary machine process of milling where some of the nutrients are lost through the heat.

elliehen, Mar 9, 12:46am
PS kiwi. adventures ... Do you have a porridge fetish? Are you seeking the holy grail of porridge? I seem to recall your name popping up in other porridge threads... Do you really care?

kiwi.adventures, Mar 9, 1:53am
I love porridge, i strive for the perfect porridge. The best is Mum's creamy porridge made with too muck cream & milk but I like lean as options, ie milled oats & water.

elliehen, Mar 9, 2:06am
... 'muck'? ? I believe that's a Freudian slip and you are hell-bent on mucking people about ;)

kiwi.adventures, Oct 14, 3:18am