Dinner Help - please!

raewyn64, Mar 8, 7:54pm
We are having some of my husband’s work mates and overseas visitors for dinner on Thursday night – we are planning on a BBQ however the weather forecast is not good.
We were going to have scotch fillet steak and some prawns on the BBQ and then just a couple of salads – nothing fancy.
My problem is my kitchen is getting repair work done to it at present but whatever I do I have to do after work, I can’t set up the crockpot or anything like that as it will get in the way of the workers. So my question is – if it pours with rain on Thursday and we can’t use the BBQ what can I do as my backup plan for dinner? I will have about an hour from when I get home to when we want to eat. How else can I cook the steak? I have the oven which has the standard grill function and I have the stove top with a frypan which would cook probably half the steak at a time. The prawns I can handle. Or does anyone have any other suggestions for what I could cook instead of the steak which won’t take too long.
All suggestions will be greatly appreciated I promise you – my mind is a blank and nearing panic!

sukhita, Mar 8, 8:36pm
Can you put your bbq in the garage? Rain problem solved then ...
The same with your slow cooker - I always use mine in the garage so I don't end up with a house full of flies (I live next to a dairy farm).
Otherwise in your laundry? Your guests won't mind where things have been cooked as long as it tastes good!

valentino, Mar 8, 9:01pm
Think of ways if one can put it under some form of shelter, as sukhita noted - the garage or carport, or a gazebo, if one has a hooded BBQ then the hood will shelter, as a really last resort - stay with doing steaks in batches - at least you are knowing what you are doing and this is important... .

I have a double gas ring and when one goes to the beach or similar places, one uses this with a BBQ hotplate so something if possible along with this will work also if set up on one's stove.

red2, Mar 8, 9:05pm
we will all do a sunshine dance for you on Thursday ! Hope it stays fine for your BBQ

lythande1, Mar 8, 11:07pm
Umbrella over the BBQ.
Crockpots don't have to sit in kitchens, all you need is floor space and a plug.

raewyn64, Mar 9, 5:12am
Thanks everyone - I am calming down a bit now with your help - also the weather loooks like it might be coming to the party as well now - red2 you did well ha ha.

goldgurl, Oct 14, 9:52pm
agree with Lyth... set the crockpot up somewhere else in the house, but I do prefer the idea of the BBQ.

Hope you find somewhere sheltered to set up... enjoy :)

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