Perfit Agee preserving seals

clairen, Mar 8, 6:36am
Anyone got a packet or 2 or 3 of large perfit agee preserving seals they want to list? i have looked at all the supermarkets in town and no one has any.

raewyn64, Mar 8, 7:26am
Do you have a Bin Inn? I noticed my local had some over the weekend.

clairen, Mar 8, 8:07am
Unfortunately we don’t have one here. Thanks for letting me know tho, I will just keep looking. Fingers crossed

juli55, Mar 9, 3:35am
I've got the large bottles here, if I find some lids, shall I list the whole lot? ? ?

cookessentials, Oct 14, 4:01pm
no doubt I will get shot down for self promotion! ! but we sell them - large dome pack of 12 - $13. 95 if you want me to list them, let ne know. We have the screw bands as well

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