OT..Need help getting kitten to Whangarei airport

julet, Mar 8, 5:42am
Have been asked to help with a kitten with issues, (he is of a breed that I do rescue work with) and he will be with me forever. Trouble is he is in Whangarei (or a bit north of there) and I am in wellington.

Have checked flights and only flight available means he has to be checked in by 6am (Mon-Fri)and the owner lives a bit too far out, means she would have to leave home at 5:00am to get him to airport. She is unable to do that.

I am hoping that some kind person could meet up with owner at a halfway point grab kitten and make sure he gets to airport for check in time. Would be extremely grateful and happy to reimburse expenses. Kitten is not sickly or wild.

Kitten will come with a suitable cage.

fruitluva2, Mar 8, 5:51am
Umm, what's this got to do with Recipes? ? ? ?

julet, Mar 8, 6:24am
like I said in my title OT (off topic), am trying in lots of different topic boards here on TM where I know there are friendly and helpful people, hoping that someone will help out.

bellus_sybarite, Mar 8, 6:37am
How deep are your pockets ?

maxwell.inc, Mar 8, 6:47am

Use their service if u need transport. . good value and experienced in handling.

julet, Mar 8, 6:53am
Thanks maxwellsadly petbus departs from Auckland, doesn't go up to Whangarei

bellus_sybarite, Mar 8, 6:56am
I will go out of my way if you pay me ?

maxwell.inc, Oct 11, 8:41pm
she does the whole country... top to bottom... you just have to book the right date when she does a run thru. might pay to contact them and get the run down... they may even be able to offer a solution.

Another is you may be able to fly cat down to you from an air port up there. . just find the nearest large(ish) airport and ring and find out what the deal is to get a cat onto a national flight.

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