craping and farting

kurtis, Jan 30, 1:14am
dv dcv c

ralta, Jan 30, 1:18am
so you want a recipe for your rabbit stools?

datoofairy, Jan 30, 1:21am
Mix together stewed prunes, kiwifruit and tinned pears.
Eat a large bowlful 3 times a day. It wont taste good, but your rabbit poo days will be over.

actros2, Jan 30, 1:27am
Some sort of code kurtis? I give up, share.

bedazzledjewels, Jan 30, 1:48am
Crapping has 2 "p"s!

viv29, Jan 30, 4:27am
Kiwifruit is your friend:)

kirinesha, Jan 30, 4:34am
Kurtis obviously needs all the friends he can get right now.

bedazzledjewels, Jan 30, 4:35am
Go to the Health & Beauty forum and you'll see the original post in all it's graphic beauty!

uli, Jan 30, 5:03am
Hmmm - maybe take some hcg?

kirinesha, Jan 30, 5:03am
What I would really like to know is why anyone would WANT to show their faeces to their partner?

I'd be more worried about that!

uli, Jan 30, 6:06am
Well if you eat a 500 calorie diet - there is not much coming out is there. Having said that it could also be tumor that constricts the colon and that could be quite serious. So if this is a serious thread then I would think a doctors appointment would be a very good idea to rule stuff like constrictions in the colon out.

bedazzledjewels, Jul 17, 1:42pm
Uli - that'll put the wind up him - if he hasn't got enough up there already!

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