Just picked....

susieq9, Feb 24, 1:43am
They look so fresh. Having the last of our terakihi which we caught on Sunday. Probably in white sauce with veges. Enjoy your tea.

fisher, Feb 24, 1:51am
Cheers girl... Great success this week... Plenty of snapper to eat (now frozen) and some kingfish slabs and bluenose wings to smoke... (cooky's book)
Waiting on my smoke cannon to be made to add to the smoker...for extra cold smoking... Less heat and smoke and much more smoke and lesser heat..:}
Terakihi... scrummy fish... should be dearer than snapper IMHO..

cookessentials, Feb 24, 2:03am
They look delicious fisher. Our beets are ready to harvest too and roasted beetroot and feta is probably what I will do with them.
Have you tried any of those recipes from the smkoking book yet?

fisher, 2 days, 18 hours
See post 3... using a recipe for the smoking.... when i get my smoke cannon it will be going full bore trying out all sorts of things...:}

My pork filling...for capsicums...

3 tbsp olive oil and par fry the 500g pork mince.. set aside..Add a small fine chopped red onion and one seeded fine chopped chilli.. 2 crushed garlic..wizz around the frypan for a minute or two.. add a swish of chicken stock.. some sweet chilli sauce and a swish of light soy.. pinch of sea salt and a grind of black pepper.. now add some fresh fine sliced sage leaves and 2 spring onions also finely sliced...Mix all well and add the mince back to the pan to incorporate the herbs etc...Cut the tops off 4 capsicums (red, green, yellow, orange take ya pick) and remove the pith as best you can..
Stuff the herbed Pork mince inside and place on a small roasting dish...
Roast until the outers have softened and then add some grated cheese to the top.. Once melted ....serve