Elderberry wine makers please

squeekywheel, Mar 8, 12:14am
Was just cleaning the gutterings when I discovered all these bunches of elderberries at the top of the canes, I have googled some wine recipes BUT can someone please tell me can I use the green unripened berries as well or do I have to separate them out? ? ? ? The whole process of getting berries off was speeded up when I discovered the hint to use a fork, but still have a mixture ofblack, red and green berries on each frond. Any advice would be appreciated.

camrob, Mar 8, 2:31am
You have elderberries growing in your gutterings? I have several Elder recipes, the one I have for Elderberry Wine does not mention using the black berries only. Perhaps if you pick out most of the green ones and use the rest. There is also a recipe for Elderflower Wine which uses only 3 heads of flowers.
My recipe also mentions using a fork to strip the berries, as well as the flowers if you use them.

squeekywheel, Mar 8, 3:26am
Thanks camrob
Not in gutterings just up at that level although with the rubbish there - who knows? I would loveyour recipes if you are willing to share?

harrislucinda, Mar 8, 4:25am
you canmakejamaswellJusttryeditthisyearandyummm

amazing_grace, Mar 8, 5:32am
I make my Elderberry Wine, which comes out like port, just from ripe berries. I you have green ones you will have a bitter taste. Check out myblog... . www.gardeningincromwel-
l. blogspot.com. It's Elderberry Champagne that you make from the flowers, but they were out way back in November. Its too late for Champagne now. If you follow my recipe you will get something fragrant like a mulled wine flavour... .

lindylambchops1, Oct 12, 12:49pm
Tonight we tried our Elderflower wine... . it was heady! It went straight to my head. Very enjoyable. Love to make home made wine. Will be collecting berries soon to do the Elderberry Wine. Cheers !

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