Party punch

mixmastermike2, Feb 23, 7:00am
thinking of having a wee get together and want to make a nice punch for everyone to enjoy. and recipes that anyone could share... kind of wanting something alcoholic to keep the smiles going :P

mixmastermike2, Feb 23, 9:36am

asue, 4 days
3 litres of still wine (usually cheap cask wine), 6 litres of orange juice (usually 2 3litre freshups any flavour) 1 Bottle of sparkling wine (cheap) and 1 medium bottle of vodak.Mix and leave overnight.Serve with sliced oranges.Usually I make in a bucket and pot and pour back into empty drink bottles and store in fridge.Lasts up to a week.Makes 10.5 litres.Can double or triple this recipe ok.Very easy to drink and even the one's who don't normally drink, drink this. Have had some great parties making most have a compulsory tipple or 2 at the start of the night.