Mushrooms and Courgettes

fkts, Feb 23, 2:58am
I am wanting to make a vege dish tonight with the above veges, I also have broccolli carrots and pumpkin. Anyone have a lovely dish I can try? TIA :)

littlemiss14, Feb 23, 3:05am
fry altogether, if you have rosemary, and add cheese at the end. Carrots take longer, you might want to boil, broccoli steams you can do also. I never waste the stalks, dice them up, BEAUTIFUL.

fkts, Feb 23, 3:32am
I have tubed lemongrass and basil, any of these be ok?

fisher, Feb 23, 6:40am
Cut up the broccoli stalks and steam them over boiling water which has the sliced carrots in (with a 1/2 tsp of salt..) When half done, add the broccoli florets..Slice up the mushrooms and courgettes...
In a wok pan fry the courgettes in a little butter and peanut oil mix.. white pepper and a pinch of salt... 2 cloves of crushed garlic and add some lemon grass stalks.. Cook till courgettes are just coloured, add the drained carrots and broccoli pieces.. drizzle of soy sauce and toss.. remove lemon grass stalks and add mushrooms ..Meanwhile steam slices of pumpkin in the steamer over boiling water, turning when required...toss veges and serve over boiled rice if you have it with slices of pumpkin on the side...

fkts, Feb 23, 8:10am
You are a legend.....but I dont only have lemongrass in the tube, will try this recipe and incorporate a few shortcakes.

fkts, Feb 23, 8:11am
Short CUTS not shortcakes, I have food on my mind! Lmao

stormbaby, Feb 23, 9:17am
Agrees, fisher, you are legend. I am still using the herbs you sent me last year. Howz the hamburger press?

nat148, Feb 23, 9:18pm
I would just put them all in an oven tray (not broc) with cherry toms and garlic and a small amount of oil.You can serve alone with meat or with rice and couscous.Just make sure you put the longer cooking things in first otherwise you will over cook toms and courgettes.Add herbs too if you want

fisher, 3 days, 14 hours
Fkts... even better if it's in the tube.. just add it first to cook out when you add the oil and butter, then garlic.. (then add the courgettes)
Great, cheers stormbaby...Make pork and beef mixed with crushed garlic and processed sage, salt and white pepper mixed through.. I use these straight away tho.. They present well nicely browned as a meat served with veges on the side...Nice easy tasty quick meal...