Freezing Basil

topr8, Mar 7, 11:43pm
Hi guys. Has anyone in here frozen basil before please. If you have is it individual leaves or do you freeze the whole stem. I asked in gardening but no one there has said they do yet. Cheers.

suzanna, Mar 8, 4:10am
I was just going to ask the same question so would love to know if it can be frozen. I have an absolute glut as every seedling I planted has flourished so have about 200 plants and not enough time to pesto all of them. Cheers.

jag5, Mar 8, 6:24am
Chop finely, and pop into a margarine or similar container and freeze. It may discolour, so you can add a bit of water, or olive oil to help counteract this. But if you only want it for pesto, make the pesto and freeze in small quantities. I have a large dehydrator and dry mine for use in tomatoe pastes etc.

jag5, Mar 8, 7:20am
You probably could leave the leaves whole, then they would be suitable for lots of other things too. Hmm... . might have to experiment a bit with mine.

Parsley, I just chop and put into a container. Doesn't discolour or freeze in a lump (stays free flow), so when I need it for garlic butter, or scrambled eggs, just pop it in and away I go. I have "fresh" parsley all year round.

raewyn64, Mar 8, 7:23am
I have picked basil from my garden and froze it in small quantities - just washed it and put it in plastic bags then into the freezer. When I want it I open the bag and just rip out some pieces - I findit will rip quite well, and then I just throw it in whatever I am making. Just a bit of colour change but not much.

lythande1, Mar 8, 11:12pm
I freeze all my herbs except the bay. Chop or leave whole, whatever you prefer. If you bang it around while still frozen, it will break up so if you want whole leaves, I'd freeze them laid flat then pack into bags and thaw before using.

Frozen herbs keep their flavour a lot longer than dried.

fisher, Oct 14, 10:18am
wrong again... no they dont... . :}}

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