Haloumi Cheese - is this suitable to use on pizza?

music_note, Mar 7, 10:21pm
I've bbq'd it - so delicious - and think it would work well on pizza, maybe with some other cheese as well - has anyone tried this? Thanks for help.

camrob, Mar 7, 10:58pm
It wouldn't melt and spread, but would be great thinly sliced and placed over the pizza. Haloumi traditionally is made in Cyprus, where I have family. It is known there as the "female" cheese and it is made in a slab and then folded so it is shaped like a uterus. I first had Haloumi in 1987 and I'm delighted it can be bought here now. Careful though, it contains more fat that other cheeses.

music_note, Mar 7, 11:04pm
Thanks Camrob - special lunch to make today so will use it as well on the pizza. Thanks for your help.

nfh1, Oct 11, 1:04pm
it is my favourite - I just throw it on the BBQ - delicious!

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