Whats the best grocery specials of the week

motherofmoo, Feb 21, 8:39am
lets see if we can cut our grocery bill, posting the weeks specials

wasgonna, Feb 21, 8:51am
The first thing to remember is that "Price Chopper" doesn't mean cheaper grocery shopping. Their prices went up as soon as they changed their name from Woolworths.

Apart from that, great idea for a thread.

motherofmoo, Feb 21, 9:00am
Thanks, unfortunatly we dont seem to get junk mail delilvered so can't add any item in particular, but will do as i get through my week...

uli, Feb 21, 9:04am
Add where you are, as prices do vary!

josieclow, Feb 21, 9:06am
Well I would like to know that two....

I have a total of $10.00 to spend on food....

Any ideas would be great....

Thanks in advance

motherofmoo, Feb 21, 9:10am

frances1266, Feb 21, 6:39pm
Josieclow, how long does the $10 have to last?Start a separate thread for ideas on what to make with your $10.

tipsy_bl0nde, Feb 21, 9:40pm
Countdowns.... $18.89 Huggies nappies including Nappy pants.. (more for me that one lol)

Farmer brown size 6 egg $5.99 tray
Tegal size 18 frozen chicken $9.99
NZ Chicken drumsticks $6.49 KILO
25% off all cooked and raw prawns & shrimps
Big baby sale on alot

uli, Feb 21, 10:42pm
That includes the Australian wild caught banana prawns - now only $22 a kilo!
If you ask you can get them still frozen (from out the back) and take them home and throw them in the freezer for later in the year when they are no longer for sale here.

dartchamp, Feb 21, 11:26pm
mad butcher have size 20 tegal chickens for $8.99

bombaloo, 5 days, 4 hours
fantastic idea :)