Cupcake or muffin recipes without milk

broniemcm, Feb 21, 5:59am
Ive been looking on google and can't find any recipes without milk.
Im wanting to make some but I have no milk. My partner is at work and has the keys so all my money is locked in the car so can't go buy any.

Also a recipe for making nice icing to go thru a piping bag.

Thanks in advance.

lx4000, Feb 21, 6:59am
Cheese Muffins/Puffs
2 eggs
1 C Grated Cheese
1 C veggies (I use corn onion with tomato on top)
pinch Salt
2 C Flour
3 tspn BP
1/4 - 1/2 tspn Cayenne Pepper if wished
Break eggs into 1 measuring C then fill with water, then add another 1 C water. Mix.
Add veggies and cheese then mix.
Stir in salt, flour, cayenne pepper, BP until just mixed.
Spoon into muffin tins.
20 mins approx at 180.

lx4000, Feb 21, 7:49am
wonders how a muffin recipe would go if you replaced the milk with apple sauce! Home made of course!!

bunny51, Feb 21, 7:52am
DO you have a recipe for fruit muffins using a tin of fruit? If so use the juice i n the tin instead of milk ( I sometimes do this as my daughter is supposed to be dairy free)

lx4000, Feb 21, 7:55am
Basic Muffin Mix


4 tspn BP
2 C Flour
3/4 C Sugar


1/2 C Oil
1 C Milk
1 Egg

Add bowl 1 to bowl 2 and Just mix.

Spoon into muffin tins.

Bake 15 mins approx at 200

Add what ever you like to flavor them up:)

try this one with apple sace and let us know how ya go:)

lx4000, Feb 21, 7:56am
Carrot and honey Muffins
2c flour
2tsp b.soda
1tspn mixed pice
1/2c raw sugar
1/2c liquid honey
2 1/2c grated carrot
1/2c raisins
3 eggs
1c oil
Sift flour, b.soda and mised spice into a bowl.Stir in raw sugar. make well in centre and pour in honey. Add carrot and raisins. Beat egg and oil together. Add to ingredients. Mix to just moisten. 3/4 fill muffin tins. Bake 200 c for 20min or until muffins spring back when lightly touched.


jody23, Feb 21, 8:20am
cupcake recipe
115gms castor sugar
115gms butter
115gms self raising flour
2 eggs

cream butter and sugar, mix eggs in well and mix in flour. bake 10ish mins at 180 degrees

that is a basic recipe i use and i just add extras depending on what flavour i want, for example grate in some lemon zest and add lemon icing or add vanilla essence and some cocoa powder for chocco ones.

easiest recipe to remember too!

summersunnz, Feb 21, 10:09am
Use another liquid in place of the milk - water, juice, etc.

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