Help with watery homemade sauce!

k_stuart, Feb 21, 4:44am
I made a batch of tomato sauce in the crockpot I'm guessing this is why it is watery but what can I do to thicken it before bottling? Could I transfer it to a pot and simmer to try and reduce it? Can you overcook tomato sauce?? Real amateur here!

greerg, Feb 21, 4:54am
If this is a vinegar based sauce the crock pot could well be the cause of this.Sauces need to be cooked with the lid off at a reasonable boil, and preferably in a pan which is relatively wide compared with its depth in order to boil off the vinegar and liquid.Yes reboil it - it won't come to any harm although it may darken a bit. Even if its a pasta sauce you do need to cook off some of the water from the tomatoes to thicken it and I think the point of the crockpot is to keep the moisture in .I may be wrong on that last bit about that crockpot - I don't have one myself.

nanasee1, Feb 21, 4:56am
I would transfer it to a pot and boil it until it reduces to the consistency you want - it does thicken a little in the bottle but not much. I have never tried making it in the slow cooker but you would need a lot less liquid for a slow cooker than you would use stove top. Is it vinegar based sauce or more like a tomato sauce for pasta etc.

k_stuart, Feb 21, 4:56am
It is a vinegar based one. Thanks so much for the tips =)

nanasee1, Feb 21, 4:58am
Hi K. I wouldn't attempt a vinegar based one in the slow cooker, the cooking process is 'drip' based & there is not usually any water in a vinegar based tomato sauce. The boiling should help evapourate the water that has collected from the lid.

k_stuart, Feb 21, 5:02am
Thanks now I know for next time! Honestly I was just being lazy.... recipe said to cook for 3hrs stirring constantly. I thought nevermind that I'll just chuck it in the crockpot overnight ;) haha

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