Roast chicken help..

hannahsmummy07, Feb 21, 3:18am
Im cooking a roast chicken, its been in the oven for about 30mins and i opened the door to check on it and HEAPS of smoke came out..should i have put water in the roasting dish? i followed a recipe from online somewhere and it didnt say anything about water, just oil the chicken please =)

trading_gibsons, Feb 21, 3:20am
Yes always put a bit in the bottom of the pan to start it off & check every so often as it might need a top up, not too much though.

hannahsmummy07, Feb 21, 3:22am
Thanks. recipes should say that!!! lol

holdenss, Feb 21, 3:22am
Was the oven clean beforehand?

gilligee, Feb 21, 3:42am
I don't put water in with the chicken as there is so much fat that melts out. Maybe the oven was on high.

hannahsmummy07, Feb 21, 4:23am
one more question please =) it says the chickens ready "when the juices run clear", what if there are no juices that come out when i prick it?

petal1955, Feb 21, 4:32am
Once its cooked around 1.1/2 to 2 hours depending on size the juices will be clear rather than bloody pink before its cooked

imn, Feb 21, 5:28am
its so much easier to cook in a bag. weigh the chicken and calculate 25mins per 500g plus 20mins. roasted one last night. MMMMMmmmmm was yummy. using leftovers tonight to make curry. family loves it.

deflatedpumpkin, Feb 21, 7:14am
give it a jab in a meaty part with a fork, then use the flat part of the fork to press beside the holes to see liquid :)
also something mum taught me to roast a chook faster (and you'll find you can get to more of the meat) lie the chook on its back, and cut down the middle, sorta bend it open flat (cut the bone and crack the ribs) so it lies spread-eagle in your roasting dish, cooks much quicker, bout 40minor so depending on your oven.. if you like stuffing, you can still have it... this method you get even more stuffing!! get a long piece of tinfoil, make as much as you want, spread it out to a long flat log on the tinfoil and parcel it up.. maybe about halfway or so thru cooking the chook, every now and then, open the foil up carefully and baste your stuffing with chook juices.. MMMMMMMMMM now i'm hungry!

pickles7, Feb 21, 9:54pm
buy a meat thermometer. the only way. I never take a roast out of the oven without first calculating the internal temperature. It was very important with our business, that the meats were just right. You will never throw out over cooked meat or chicken again.

hannahsmummy07, Feb 21, 9:58pm
how much do they cost & where do you get one from?

littlemiss14, Feb 23, 3:15am
A good way to cook a chicken, split it in half, from the back, quicker way to cook as well.

dollertree, Feb 23, 10:21am
i always had problem cooking whole chicken so now I always slice the chicken in BBQ chops style. When you buy chicken at butcher ask them if they could cut in bbq chops.....get it home, give a good wash and marinate it for 24hours and just grill it in electric fry pan. Soooo yummy you will never cook whole chicken again.

ferrit47, 3 days, 13 hours
I cook them in The Crockpot on low except for first hour. I spinkle Pepper& Salt & Chicken Stock over the chicken. No need add any water as the juices from chicken cook it.