lindar, Feb 21, 12:46am
I am a bit confused as to what the benefit of using these are?My usual with muffin TINS is to run a knife around, remove then the pain in the neck cleaning. Although they came out easily it seemed to take me just as long to clean the silicon muffin cases. I am fairly new to baking and was given the cases but am not sureif people think they are better than tins?Opinions please.

kcnz3, Feb 21, 12:59am
Even with the silicon cases I still put the paper cases in them.Easy to lift out and zero cleaning afterwards.

elliehen, Feb 21, 2:03am
Cases always.I have ordinary muffin tins but still use cases.I have found packages of foil cases in the two dollar shop and they hold their shape beautifully, with no post-baking cleanup.

susieq9, Feb 21, 8:04am
I use tefal muffin liners in my muffin tins. After use just wipe them over or wash them. Had the same ones for about 3 years and make muffins every 2 weeks. No more sticking to the tins.

jody23, Feb 21, 8:22am
i usually just chuck my silicon cases in the dishwasher, seems to work

cookessentials, Feb 22, 10:27pm
it all depends on the silicone. A good quality silicone is easy to clean. You can tell a good quality silicone by folding it over and squeezing. if you see w hite line, then the quality is not so great.

buzzy110, 4 days, 11 hours
My muffins usually just drop out of the tins when I turn them upside down. I then just wipe out the tins out with a clean handy towel. I do have silicone cups and they work exactly the same. I've never had to resort to cases.