Any one got a tasty recipe for minced pork!

irish15, Mar 7, 7:11pm
Im thinking perhaps patties for a change, but just need that special ingredient to make them xtra tasty, I have a red chilli sitting in the fridge and wanting to use it as well, any suggestions would be greatfully received. :) Rae

diz_fullah, Mar 7, 8:03pm
wontons :)

jmonster, Oct 10, 1:06am
I make thai flavoured pork meat balls that are really good. You could also make them as patties.
I add whatever I have in my fridge or cupboard from below...
Finely chopped chilli, minced lemongrass, finely chopped fresh coriander, crushed garlic, crushed fresh ginger, fish sauce, lime juice, finely grated carrot, fresh mint.