cooking oil

nick-the-kiwi, Mar 7, 3:11am
my son was given a chillie infused cooking oil for a xmas present, he opened it and removed less than a teaspoon full and put the lid back on untill he could decide what he wanted to use it on. This bottle sat on my bench untill a week ago when he removed it to place in his new flat. The shocking part to this story is when he opened it to use on that oh so special dish he decided to txt me and accuse me of replacing the oil with canolla oil, much to my disgust. Not me his mother nor his father or his sister could beleive this behaviour but he is adamant the contents was removed and replaced with canolla. Other tahn being a little peeved at his sugestion we are all raking our brains as to how this could happen. We have had no one else in the house. Could it possibly be due to the bottle sitting in sunlight? could this change the colour and flavour? p-leeeeeez help.

rainrain1, Mar 7, 4:20am
Are you for real?

goldgurl, Mar 7, 5:26am
does he have flat mates? maybe they spilt it... who knows?

I don't think it can go from tasting like chilli to just regular oil.

But ummm... wouldn't it be easier just to buy another bottle... there are worse things that could happen. Tell him to take a 'chill(i) pill' lol

buzzy110, Oct 8, 4:09pm
Probably best not to leave oil sitting in the light. It is best stored in the cupboard out of light.

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