****Help re Typing Up Recipes****

rotorbladz, Mar 7, 4:37am
I have pages and pages of loose recipes at the front of my recipe book. I mean hundreds that I've been given, copied off here, or taken from magazines.

I was going to start a Word doc. type them all and print them out to put in a clear file. Then I realised there may be some kind of template or webpage I could use before I started on my typing quest.

Anybody recommend any to me.


paix1, Mar 7, 7:11am
google is your friend! heaps of free recipe book templates there!

dollmakernz, Mar 7, 8:15am
Have you got Microsoft Works, I've just been checking mine and its got some fantastic stuff in the task launcher, including recipe templates.

camrob, Mar 8, 2:23am
If you have Microsoft Works it is User Defined Templates, Looks good to me. Or set up your own template. Create the page the way you want it to look save it as "Blank Recipe Template" then with each recipe retrieve the file and type in the details. Print and start again.

julmar, Mar 8, 10:44pm
cheat and google them all. many will be there, copy n paste them. . hehe I just did that a couple of months ago when my book went missing.

valentino, Mar 9, 12:33am

The first thing one would do is to sort out all of the recipes in their sections keeping your favoured ones to the front of each.

One would have some plastic folders with plastic pockets that one can then place them into.

Then with say the handwritten recipes to re-type them (even as a Word Document set out for personal easiness-reading-following), print them and organise them how one sees it.

Then gradually go through the others.

One did this a couple of years ago and there were a number that one simply tossed away or just did not appeal compared to the more favoured ones.

Also, have a wee honest think and decide whether on some of them that one will actually do, that is cook or bake, whatever.
Unwanted space taking items does take up unecessary space and time... .

Hopes this helps.


korbo, Oct 15, 11:13am
gezz, i did this a few months ago, had cutout recipes for 3 days all on the table. Mr K had to eat inthe lounge. I have done exactly as you say valentino, and now can glance at them and the pages dont get grubby or torn... . . easy as... . clearfile folders cheap as chips now.

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