apple based sauce recipe....

weezil, Mar 7, 3:39am
apple based with cloves, vinegar, molasses, beer and probably other spices... . ive got the one from trademe cooks site and wondered if anyone had one that was roughly the same... its a real pain to lose a favourite recipe... anyone able to help? ... thanks

weezil, Mar 7, 7:04am
ok people im trying the google thing but what do i put im looking for... tried the apple based sauce but keep getting too many actual apple sauce recipes... any ideas?

winnie231, Mar 7, 7:48am
I don't quite understand your question ...
- you've lost your recipe?
- you've lost the recipe you found on TMCooks?
- you've found a recipe on TMCooks but it's not quite what you want?
- ? ?

Would love to help you ... please clarify for me . .

weezil, Oct 9, 10:52am
lost original recipe and found one on trademe cooks site that is sort of what im after ... just thought someone would have the recipe im looking for and when I google the recipe im not quite sure what to ask for... apple based sauce just gives me a lot of basically apple recipes... thats probably as clear as mud... lol. . I will keep on trying and see what happens. .

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