beewee, Feb 7, 8:39pm
How long can I bake before the party and freeze.Is it better to cut up and store in icecream containers or leave whole an cover in glad wrap.What about if the slice has real chocolate icing how do you stop the chocolate going white or dull.

robyn35, Feb 7, 9:17pm
personally I wouldnt freeze slices with icing on them, (but then Im not a fan of baking that has been frozen) if you have to freeze them maybe do so before icing them and then take them out and ice just before they are needed.

lx4000, Feb 7, 10:34pm
I would ice them once they have thawed out. I would glad wrap and freeze whole.

juliewn, Apr 2, 2:49am
Hi.. these freeze well.. and just need to be placed on plates, covered with plastic wrap and thawed on the day of the after party..

Lamingtons, marshmallow shortcake, apple or other fruit tarts - dust these with icing sugar before serving.

Meringues can be made in advance too and stored in an airtight container. Set them out in a single layer on a plate, cover with plastic wrap and set aside. Just before serving, add a spoonful of whipped cream and some choccy chips, strawberry half or kiwifruit slice - leave them in a single layer without putting two together.. makes them go further - and they look great..