Is there such a thing

samboy, Feb 7, 6:22am
as a trade me recipe book.I save all my favourite threads as a document but there are so many good tips etc, I wondered if there is a trade me recipe book or book of tips, would be a real money maker I'm sure

juliewn, Feb 7, 3:30pm
Hi.. if you're looking for a recipe, or something that includes a particular ingredient, search in the left-side-of-your-screen search-bar.. type in what you're looking for - chicken/chocolate cake/etc,,, change the 'last 24 hours' to 'anytime' and search to find recipes and suggestions.. and all threads with the word/s in the title or posts will come up. .. And enjoy having all the Trademe recipes available..

I save recipes in my Outlook email system - I've created folders with recipe types - ie: Baking, then sub-folders within those.. ie: Cakes/biscuits/slices/muffins/-

To save recipes: I open a new email and copy or write the recipe into that.
Click on the x to close the window, click on 'save' and it will be saved into your drafts folder.
Click on the Drafts folder, then click on the email with the recipe you've just saved, and drag it into the folder you want to save it in.. It's then easy to find any recipe you've saved.

I've also saved all the recipes I've posted here in the same way.. with recipes others have posted here, the folder title is 'Trademe recipes to make'

I hope this is of help..

samboy, Mar 31, 5:49pm
thanks for that, the recipes on here are so many and varied and much better as they have been tried and tested by 'real people and families'