melinda1, Feb 6, 6:31am
Just saw these in the supermarket and have googled but what do they tasete like, easy to grow?Any info ?

jessie981, Feb 6, 8:27am
Never heard of it before, however if you go into the L/H messageboard & put Daikon, then where it says date posted use drop box for anytime. Recipes there.

lilyfield, Feb 6, 8:28am
taste like mild radish. yummy, easely grown- same requirements like radishes. widely used in Germany-Austria- Switzerland for salads.Eaten raw and grated.

valentino, Feb 6, 10:16pm
It is also greatly used in Japanese dishes, especially salads.

fisher, Feb 6, 10:40pm
I grow them in my garden and have had them up to near on 60cms long because I left them too long... Ideally picked when about the size of a telegraph cucumber and great is salads as well as stir fries (just make matchsticks) or simply sliced and salted and eaten as a snack... two varieties I have, one the white and the other green... I prefer the white as it has the texture of a standard radish but a milder flavour, where the green is harder and a more "acute" flavour..
Just plant and forget about them, but not too long :}}

melinda1, Apr 1, 9:55pm
Thanks all- will venture to try and then may evne try and grow.