beaver51, Mar 6, 5:40am
what can you do with parsley so it will keep in good condition

vinee, Mar 6, 5:44am
don't pick it yet!

or put it in a glass of water, like flowers.

lythande1, Mar 6, 7:22am
Freeze it

korbo, Mar 6, 7:29am
mmm, mine has gone all cranky, jan it was nice and healthy, and heaps of seeds. i did cut it back, but seems to have stayed same as then... . do you cut the seeds off. my 83yr auntie has had the same parsley patch in her garden as far back as i can remember, and it just grows and grows. never seems to die or anything.

dantes_auntie, Mar 7, 1:23am
cut it then freeze it with a small bit of water in a bag

elliehen, Mar 7, 4:21am
korbo, I think you'll find that your auntie's healthy parsley patch is constantly renewing itself. Once your plant goes to seed, let it go and sow its own little plants, and then water and nurture the new ones.

If you want to keep parsley in the fridge, it's best to put dry stalks into a screw top jar - will last for weeks.

lythande1, Mar 7, 6:33am
Parsley will go to seed and self seed and regrow. Depend on your climate how long it will go for, but I always pick loads while it's growing well and freeze it. It keeps it's flavour perfectly that way.

darlingmole, Mar 7, 6:35am
Well grown Parsley is the sign of a "virtuous woman" ... well that's the folk lore I learnt recently

sonshine, Mar 7, 7:14am
Hi there, I pick it, cut it up and freeze. It kind of stays loose and so easy to pop into your recipes straight from freezer. Great for eggs, quiches whatever, that way you never waste any.

elliehen, Oct 9, 11:09am
In England there is a saying that parsley seed goes seven times to the Devil and back before it germinates, and claim that only witches can grow it. As well, it is traditionally a curative, a property captured by Beatrix Potter in The Tale of Peter Rabbit. She says about that naughty rabbit, "First he ate some lettuce and some broad beans, then some radishes, and then, feeling rather sick, he went to look for some parsley. "

Nicholas Culpepper (1616 - 1654), a physician-astrologer, said "it brings urine, and women's curses" referring to parsley's diuretic effect and the belief it could both bring on and relieve the discomforts associated with a woman's monthly cycle.

More parsley folklore from Google :)

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