any1 have a soft chewy recipe for peanut brownie?

fitznell, Mar 6, 5:20am
nothing in there will have a look thru google was just hoping one of the tm chefs had a yummy recipe :)

fruitluva2, Mar 6, 5:31am
There is a search engine on the left here which you just enter the recipe, several will show up, and their is a reason why few are posting recipes. If you look at the message above the link I posted in #2. Others who have the recipe cannot be online.

fruitluva2, Mar 6, 5:46am
Fitznell, check this link out only one I could find so far, but there will be several if you scroll the threads below. asp
x? id=202812

fitznell, Mar 6, 5:48am
thanks fruitluva my partner loves peanut brownies thought I would try making some :)

barloo, Nov 16, 8:44pm
bumping along:)