Preserving plums recipe please

winnie15, Jan 25, 11:05pm
i have lots of plums on the ground that i'm going to turn into jam, but i'd also love to preserve some for during the years.
does anyone have a tried and true recipe?

winnie15, Jan 25, 11:21pm
during the year ,not 'years' lol

cgvl, Jan 25, 11:36pm
depends on how sweet you want them but this is how I used to do them.
in a large pot make a syrup using 2 cups sugar to 3 cups water.
Bring to boil, add fruit and cook until just soft.
Ladel fruit into clean, sterilised jars. Once full pour over some syrup to completely full the jar to overflowing (called over flow method).
Place a hot sterilised lid on and screw down firmly.
You will need to wipe each jar to remove sticky syrup before they get too cold. leave on bench until cold then place in pantry or cupboard until ready to use.
An alternative that I do, is to take amount of fruit I would use per serving and cook in a similar way then freeze in containers of appropriate size. I use marg/butter containers as these are enough for 2-3 people.

winnie15, Jan 26, 2:24am
thats a great idea too .. does it stay thickended once it has thawed?

lilyfield, Jan 26, 4:22am
and you do not HAVE to add sugar to your preserves.

cgvl, Jan 26, 5:08am
yes it stays as thick as I want it to. I usually use the frozen small tubs for things like, crumble, sponge or just stewed fruit.
larger quantities are usually cooked without sugar for jam making.
Much easier than having lots of jars of jams and preserves in cupboard not being used.

winnie15, Jan 26, 6:31am
yes thats true lily , but plums can be a bit tart so some sugar is nice .. but not several cups!

pickles7, Jan 26, 11:29am
My family would never eat cooked plums, I gave up wasting the sugar and time. I may cook a few for myself, but wouldn't bottle them. Try your family on them cooked first, if they won't eat them now, they won't eat them later. I now cook plum sauce only as I know that will get used.

winnie15, Mar 3, 7:01am
actually the sugar content is really scary!
i made jam today and was shocked at 7 cups of sugar for 2 kgs of plums !!!