Lamb Shanks, slow cooker

jimbob83, Jan 21, 6:23pm
anyone have a good recipe, my husband wants them in a gravy but I'm really not confordant (can't even spell the word lol) I cant find any recipes for it either. help please

ladeda, Jan 21, 6:32pm
Any fatty meats I cook in the slow cooker on it's own because the fat leeches out over the day. Add the gravy later.

briatt, Jan 21, 7:42pm
Very basic, but I cook single lamb shanks wrapped in tin foil which come out great. A single lamb shank is too small for the crock pot hence the reason why I do it in tin foil.

marlin9, Jan 21, 10:35pm
Go out and get the Maggie Crockpot recipe packet - yu8mmy and saves time doing lots of the fiddly stuff, but i do that as well sometimes.

lythande1, Jan 21, 10:44pm


Millions of recipes. Hiss, boo to the packet suggestion - no need using expensive stuff like that when it's so easy (and tastier) to use real ingredients.

melford, Jan 22, 5:57am
I would love to know the secretof how to cook lamb shanks. I have had a couple of goes and despite using top qilaity shanks from a butcher they were a disaster. They were tender but oh my, the gravy was swimming in fat - and the smell fo the fat madae me throw them all out. Have tried oven cooking them and crockpot cooking. Also browned them off in the frypan first too.

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