Four Bean Salad

gorbet, Jan 20, 3:22am
I have lost my receipe for a four bean salad which has a tin of whole kernel corn, celery, onion, vinegar and honey. plus other items.
Should remember as make it every summer. Does someone have
this receipe or one similar. tks.

jessie981, Jan 20, 3:44am
In the l/h message board put bean salad then where it says date posted put anytime. Recipies there. Enjoy.

gorbet, Jan 20, 5:44am
Thank you so much. Did the search with Four Beans and not with Bean
Salad. My husband thanks you too as he dosnt think the one that I
made up is as good.

samboy, Jan 20, 9:09am
I make a quick one using a can of the ready made mixed bean salad, a can of sweet corn (drained), some finely chopped red onion and then I add a little bit of garlic and herb dressing, the oily base one.Its a lazy way of making it but is nice.

gorbet, Jan 22, 1:18am
Many thanks, will try that one as well, sounds good

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