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buzzy110, Sep 9, 12:28am
Have you read Dr Richard Bernstein's Diabetes Solution lynthande1? He was diagnosed Type 1 when 12. He gives very in depth information on how to control blood serum and how to deal with insulin overdose using glucose tablets. He explains why the application of ordinary sugar is not the best method of dealing with insulin overdose.

buzzy110, Sep 29, 4:47am
Are we being hoodwinked by those with a vested interest in selling dead, denatured, radiated and embalmed products in the place of proper food. How many of us believe that butter, whole milk, cream, cheese, red meat, eggs, chicken skin, animal fat and other primary produce is bad for us?

bedazzledjewels, Sep 29, 4:48am
Oh boy I'm with you hear Buzzy! Loved that term 'embalmed products'.

buzzy110, Sep 29, 4:53am
How many people think they are eating a more healthy diet by eating margarine, low fat milk, sweetened yoghurts, white meat, bread, pasta, soy and rice milk, fruit juice, sugared processed breakfast cereals and calorie reduced processed food over 'fat laden' natural food? How many people think that the bread we eat today is healthy?

uli, Sep 29, 4:57am
oi buzzy - looks like you have finally started the thread we all wanted to start ages ago - thanks! :)

buzzy110, Sep 29, 5:04am
Still curious? How many of you have bought into the myth that if you just followed all the rules that nutritionists, doctors, dietitians, politicians (yes even politicians) and big business with vested interests said were vital for your wellbeing, ate all the 'good' foods and eschewed all the 'bad' foods you would be slim, perfectly formed, with glowing skin, boundless energy, perfect teeth and enjoy excellent health and be vigorous and active right up to the day you die?

buzzy110, Sep 29, 5:10am
Well we are here to tell you the truth. I'll start Fats - Coconut Oil is a good place. On the coconut oil thread, despite information that not only was it not bad for cardiac health, it was actually beneficial, questions were still being asked about whether it raised cholesterol. In fact eating dietary fat does not increase cholesterol. Eating sugar and refined carbohydrates is what raises your cholesterol. More importantly cholesterol is not what you should be fretting about. It is triclycerides that you really need to worry about.

kirinesha, Sep 29, 5:13am
oh yes! .

buzzy110, Sep 29, 5:14am
Other fats we should really be getting our knickers in a knot about are trans fats and hydrogenated fats. But where are the warnings about these two, most dangerous of all, fats. These fats are found in hundreds of processed foods and big business has seen to it that information about them have been relegated to the sidelines or lunatic fringes with the help of politicians who need big business to stay in government and keep the wheels of finance oiled.

buzzy110, Sep 29, 5:18am
For your information trans fats and hydrogenated fats are completely unnatural even though they come from natural products. Our digestive system does not know how to process these unnatural products and it does not eliminate them. Instead they accumulate in the blood stream, laying down deposits on your arteries, raising your triglicerides to overload and then you have a heart attack. You could do yourself a huge favour by not eating them.

buzzy110, Sep 29, 5:23am
However, in order to eliminate them from your diet you have to stop eating margarine and all products made with margarine. How many of us have the knowledge and faith to believe that butter is about 100 times less fattening and harmful than margarine? I don't know anyone, apart from my husband and health conscious doctor, who will believe that. Yet butter is totally natural, humans have been eating it for just about ever, with no ill effects, and it does not contain trans or hydrogenated fat.

buzzy110, Sep 29, 5:26am
The myth that fats are bad for us is just a lie. there are processes in the body that actually require good quality fat. For instance male hormones require fat in order to be able to do their thing. Has anyone ever wondered why it is that men just love fat? Well that is why. Their body is telling them that they need fat.

buzzy110, Sep 29, 5:27am
I have to go now but if anyone would like to weigh in with the actual science about fat and more fat myths then please feel free to come in here and help me out.

accroul, Sep 29, 6:18am
Hi buzzy! I agree completely with you! There is a lovely book out that really opened my eyes to the value of dietry fat of the animal kind. The book is 'Fat: An Appreciation of a Misunderstood Ingredient' it has some recipes in it, but it is so interesting to read about the different fats and the minerals and fatty acids that are so good for us, but people would rather take them as a pill from a bottle!

accroul, Sep 29, 6:41am
A lot of people rave on about how 'breast is best' but would shudder at the notion of consuming coconut oil. The similarity is that both breast milk and coconut oil contain MCT or medium chain triglycerides (fatty acids). These acids are digested in the stomach as opposed to the intestine and therefore is far easier on the digestive system as a whole. after being broken down in the stomach, MCT's progress directly to the liver to be used as energy whereas other fats must go through the intestine and into the bloodsteam first. Yes, coconut oil is saturated fat, but breastmilk is over 50% satuarated fat too and we don't hesitate to breastfeed! heck the WHO advocates doing that until the age of 2!

accroul, Sep 29, 6:46am
Oh and while I'm at it... Palm oil Yes, the much maligned Palm oil is as good for you as coconut oil AND breastmilk because it also contains MCT's. Infact you could summarise everything I have just said, by saying that the 3 most easily digested fats in the world are coconut oil, palm oil and the fats in breastmilk. The only problem with palm oil is the ethics of deforrestation for the plantations required for it's growth.

sumstyle, Sep 29, 6:52am
I went to a new nutritionist last week I said that I don't have Coeliac's but I have a wheat sensivitivty, have tried many different cereals, and was finding I was ok on Honey Puffs. She told me they were too high in sugar and I should swap to bran flakes... Hmmm, Kellogs Bran Flakes per 100g have more sugar than Honey Puffs!

lil_miss_haley, Sep 29, 7:10am
I'm with all of ya! Also recommend the doco 'Fat Head'

goodgal10, Sep 29, 7:24am
I also agree. We have always eaten butter, cream, lots of meat and crispy animal fats and whole raw milk when we can get it. No broken bones here. Where do you find this doco "Fat Head"

morticia, Sep 29, 7:30am
Researchers reported last year that low-fat diets in women were potentially a large contributing factor to infertility. cfm? c_id=2&

nfh1, Sep 29, 7:31am
and why do we have a huge obesity problem with all these low fat/low sugar products available?

bedazzledjewels, Sep 29, 7:43am
"Fat Head the Movie" screened on Sky Doco here recently. You can see some video clips here, and check out his blog - really good and funny. Link: php/about/

beaker59, Sep 29, 8:20am
My grandparents both died only months before they would have reached the hundy, they ate veges from the garden lots of eggs they loved fatty meat because it always tastes better, grandma saved the lard for granddads sandwiches, they ate lots of what would now be regarded as bad food but they ate it in moderation and worked it off they rarely had processed food in the house of any sort. Takeaways was a once in 3 months or so treat. Dessert was every night and consisted of fruit from thier own orchard cooked, bottled or in a crumble or similar and cream or icecream. I reckon eat food you cooked in the main from scratch a few treats are OK but everything in moderation including moderation. Grandad smoked until the day he retired and niether of them drank just because it never interested them no other reason.

prendy1, Sep 29, 8:33am
I avoid articial sweeteners too... Just because they are low calorie doesn't make then healthy! They are chemicals, not food, and our bodies can't process them as easily as natural food (if at all). So you end up with toxins in your system that are difficult for your liver to eliminate.

danielvds, Sep 29, 9:02am
I totally agree with you prendy if anyone wants to watch a doco on this see php? ct=29and watch "Sweet Misery - A Poisoned World". "Super size me" is also worth watching if you haven't already seen it.

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