Buttermilk Powder

dramaqueen4, Jan 19, 9:11am
Does anyone know where I can purchase some buttermilk powder? I want to make some sweet onion saucean am missing this ONE ingredient.Can't find it anywhere at the supermarkets I've been to.Please help? TIA.

245sam, Jan 19, 9:20am
I'm not sure re this dramaqueen4, but I think that buttermilk powder can be found at health food shops, so I hope you have one nearby to enquire there.:-))

lilyfield, Jan 19, 7:56pm
use ordinary milk powder and add a hint of lemonjuice.

buzzy110, Feb 12, 6:08pm
Or you could go a buy some cultured buttermilk from the milk fridges at your supermarket and skip the water in the recipe.

Btw. Cultured buttermilk is scrummy.