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timetable, Jan 19, 1:40am
set to rise again in price and flour and sugar to be in short supply within 4 - 5 months - so the man on the news says... have stocked up this week so now have 12 5kg each of flour and sugar - if ya can folk get in now and watch the specials for the butter and stock up!!!

mybooks, Jan 19, 1:50am
Thanks for posting that :-)

timetable, Jan 19, 1:54am
you is very welcome mybooks - although i am not sure that it will be welcoming news really at the end of the day.....feel for those who don't have the option of stocking up....

buzzy110, Jan 19, 2:58am
Flour may be subjected to weevil infestation and gradual decline in nutrients and goodness if stored too long. I keep mine in the deep freeze. There are no savings if you have to toss the flour so you might like to consider storing yours in the deep freeze to ensure quality.

accroul, Jan 19, 3:23am
I have 12 blocks of butter in my small freezer!

supercook, Jan 19, 3:52am
I keep at least 5 blocks of butter in frig and stock up if on special. Sugar will need to buy some now I know.

uli, Jan 19, 4:14am
I would happily see flour and sugar priced out of the range ... butter however is a staple :)

vintagekitty, Jan 19, 5:04am
dont be pathetic, I think it sucks how food is going up in price, fair enough for rubbish or junk food but not staples for most families. I honestly think some families are going to suffer.

stormbaby, Jan 19, 5:18am
Thanks for the heads up.I am an ex tupperware lady of years ago, am sure I can dig up enough containters to keep a few kilo's airtight.

calista, Jan 19, 5:33am
Thanks timetable.

Thanks for the freezing tip Buzzy.

cgvl, Jan 19, 5:38am
thanks timetable, shame I can't budget any extra in this week and yes they are staples.
I have 6kg of flour on hand and a 5kg of sugar but will try to get more, as for butter well I'm getting sick of the rancid tasting stuff we are getting and for once its not what we are feeding the cows. Think it might be old stock they are trying to get rid of.

calista, Jan 19, 5:40am
Is it ok to freeze self-raising flour too?

timetable, Jan 19, 6:00am
hey thanks for the tip re the flour buzzy - our frezzer is pretty full but we have the flour and sugar well stored - cool and dark place safe and sound..... finished our groceries today and was again horrified that most butter was $4.80 and over per pound... have 5 also in the frezzer so will stock up again on next windback for countdown.... yes i agree cgvl that at times the butter tastes not so flash.... although from the news last night its milk sales that are down not butter so lol who would know.....i guess it comes down to smart shopping... i have noticed that a lot of products are just not at countdown anymore - even sesame seed oil... we are menu planning again so have been pouring through the recipe books for some yum idea's that are quick to whip up when we get home each night...all the best everyone with stock up....

vintagekitty, Jan 19, 6:02am
how long would it keep ok in a freezer?

buzzy110, Jan 19, 6:13am
It's a freezer. Once the flour goes in the weevils can't hatch and deterioration stops. Keep it however long you want, but remember this. What is the point of buying it to save money if you don't use it?

A cool, dark place just doesn't cut it. Weevils don't mind cool and dark and the flour will continue to deteriorate.

timetable, Jan 19, 6:15am
so far i am pleased to say buzzy that i have yet to have a prob with any of our stored flour... maybe just blessed this end of the country lol ....

lofty010247, Jan 19, 7:02am
flour stored in freezer - do you need to wrap it in anything or is the paper covering ok as is please??

buzzy110, Jan 19, 7:36am
Exactly as it comes is fine. Nothing happens to it, except that it gets very cold. I use it from the freezer.

buzzy110, Jan 19, 7:38am
Yes. Weevils were only one part of the message I posted though.

I guess you just have to have read about the research into flour to understand where I am coming from and why I store mine in the freezer.

lil_angel_kel, Jan 19, 7:55am
Wow well I learnt 2 things today - had NO idea you could freeze flour!Im definately going to start doing that :)What about sugar - can that be frozen? Or is it ok sitting in the cupboard unopened for ages? :)

babytears, Jan 19, 9:06am
Thanks for letting us know... will definately stock up

motorbo, Jan 19, 9:14am
some good advice for the bakers Buzzy!!!

buzzy110, Jan 19, 10:14am
No need to freeze sugar. It will outlast you. It has no goodness to lose, does not deteriorate, go rancid, rot or decay. It is a sterile and dead product that is added to certain foods in quantity for both taste and as a preservative. Just make sure it is in a container that is impervious to ants and it will survive a nuclear explosion.

buzzy110, Jan 19, 10:36am
Now perhaps the storage of these products is really less interesting than the projected price rise.

Unusual weather conditions in Russia and Australia will definitely be affecting the world grain supply. Add to this the fact that a lot of grain grown will have to be diverted to stock feed due to mediocre grass growth caused by weather.

These two factors alone, leaving out the vagaries of economics and politics are bad enough, but now we have China competing for grain from our traditional sources as well. Another factor influencing grain supply is land being increasing used to grow bio fuel crops instead of wheat and corn.

Where does that leave us? Well it will, in all probability leave us poor and you should all be thinking like timetable who is very wise. Stock up while you can. And the same should be said for rice if this is another staple.

Other wheat based products that are pretty much staples are pasta. Now these last forever, with no special storage requirements. If you eat a lot of pasta, you may want to consider stocking up on this food item as well.

uli, Jan 19, 10:05pm
I am not pathetic - you would be better off NOT to eat flour or sugar. To call those things "staples" shows some warped sense of what is "healthy".

But never mind - go for it and buy another 700 liter chest freezer - I can get them here second hand for about 300 dollars - then you can store about 5 years of "baking" ingredients and only have to pay for the electricity to run it.

If that is cheaper than to buy the stuff when you need it is debatable though.

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