Bread and Butter Pickle?

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You can use pretty much any combination of vegetables you like - I stick to onions, cauliflower and green tomatoes because they make seriously crunchy pickles.You'll find heaps of recipes, it's a matter of finding one you like.

Mustard Pickle
Day 1:
2 cups coarsely chopped onions. 4 cups coarsely chopped vegetables (green tomatoes - no trace of pink, cauliflower - stalks especially, beans, firm zucchini etc - I usually just use green tomatoes and cauliflower).
Put into a bowl (glass or ceramic best), pour over 1/4 cup of plain salt, cover with water and leave overnight. Next day rinse and drain.

Day 2:
Heat 5-6 jars (2 litres total volume to be safe) in the oven at 120 deg C for 20 mins, turn down to 100 deg and leave in oven.
Put jar lids and a small jug into a pot and boil 5 mins, drain and leave covered.

Mix in shaker: 3 tbsp flour, 1 tbsp mustard powder, 1 and a quarter tsp tumeric, 170ml malt vinegar, 280ml cider vinegar, 100g sugar, 1 and a half tsp celery seed (organic shops still have this), 1/2 tsp chilli concentrate/paste stuff. Bring to boil and boil till thickens.

Add drained vegetables, bring to boil, turn off heat then bottle into hot jars and cover. Best after 3 weeks or so.

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AKAIK you've got the awnesr in one!

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