Vegetarian cheese??

mandapanda2, Mar 5, 4:15am
I use to buy the mainland vegetarian cheese but ive noticed no supermarkets round here stock it anymore. Is it still available in other parts of the country or does anyone know of an equivilent? Thanks

martine5, Mar 5, 10:09am
i'm pretty sure you can still get it in Christchurch. Well you can get vegetarian rennet cheese and I assume that is what you are after.

serf407, Mar 5, 10:17am
Yes Mainland Vege cheese is still available up here in the larger supermarkets that have the larger refridgerator spaces and vast product lines like P & S and Countdown. (plus the number of strict vegie customers)
The valumetric cheese might be vege rennet but would need to recheck if this is still the case.

hezwez, Mar 5, 11:21am
I see you're in Hawera mandapanda2. N. P. Pak N Save were still stocking it this week, but costing an arm and a leg, the 500gm edam was $9. 99 but colby and mild had rocketed to over $11. 00

mandapanda2, Mar 5, 10:30pm
Cool thanks, I will have a look at the valumetric (sp) ones and see if they are vege. They use to stock the mainland colby one at Pak n slave in Hawera but no where else in town. I will have to keep an eye out and at 9. 99 usually it is bloody expensive but oh well.
Thanks again

redcapri, Mar 6, 2:47am
Please excuse my ignorance. . but isn't cheese vegetarian anyway. . or does the renet that was in someones post contian meat. I am totally confused. Thank you for your help.

bedazzledjewels, Mar 6, 2:56am
I'd been wondering that too!
Perhaps she means a vegan cheese?

stigmata2, Mar 6, 3:21am
Vegetarian cheese uses vegetable rennet, normal cheese uses rennet normally derived from enzymes within a calf's stomach.

elliehen, Mar 6, 3:46am
Yes, and there are many 'layers' of vegetarianism - from vegan, lacto-ovo and on down to those who eat fish but no warm-blooded animals.

avlis, May 17, 10:33pm
Home brand cheese from countdown uses vege rennet, double the amount for a fraction of the price of other brands.

uli, May 17, 10:40pm
Vegetarian rennet is produced by a genetically engineered fungus that "produces" (sounds better than excretes doesn't it? ) rennet. It has been genetically engineered with rennet producing cells originally until the laboratory got it right so it now produces something akin to rennet which vegetarians prefer to have in their food apparently.

It was by the way one of the first GE organisms that actually worked the way it was intended to. It is contrary to popular belief not a nice little plant that splits the solids from the whey it is a GE'd fungus:)

chef1964, May 18, 12:12am
most of kapitis soft cheese range are "vegetarian" ,

this is a reasonably common request we get in the restaurant biz

lx4000, May 15, 1:09pm
I never buy blocks that state "vege" ! ! WAY too expensive! ! Go to thecheese and look at all the brie and mini bries etc! Lots of them have the vegie rennet! ! mMMmm


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