Left over chocolate melts (already melted)

kabbo, Jan 11, 5:58am
melted some chocolate melts on christmas day to make chocoalte strawberries. had some left over and put it in the fridge in a little jug but without a cover.

will it still be ok????? if i remelt it and use it? been in there a good 2 weeks now.
chocolate is not the sort of thing to go off is it????

cookessentials, Jan 11, 6:03am
I would think it is ok. Depeds on what else you have in the fridge too, as it has been uncovered, it MAY have picked up other smells and tastes from the fridge. Melt it and taste it first.

kabbo, Jan 11, 6:05am
thanks cookessentials. it wont be poisonous tho will it LOL?

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