Best Banana Cake ever

mummysjs, Dec 16, 3:41am
I've lost my recipe for the "Best Banana Cake" that I originally got from this forum and was wandering if anyone could share it with me. I know it has about 3 bananas, . 5cup of cheap oil and sourcream in it and it makes the most biggest moist banana cake ever. Does anyone have this recipe? Thanks

jessie981, Dec 16, 3:43am

mackenzie2, Dec 16, 3:55am
Beat 3 eggs, 1. 5 cups sugar, then add 1/2 cup cheap oil and 3/4 cup sour cream & 3 ripe bananas beat all, then add 2 cups white flour 1. 5 tsp of baking powder and 1 tsp baking soda Beat till nice andsmooth bake 170 degrees for 1 hr I ice with white and dark choc I make this at work and it is the most requested of all, keeps really well I double and put one in the freezer. Enjoy. Sorry left out some info... I bake mine in either a high sided 22inch tin or if I want to strech the servings in a larger square, I have never mixed in a food proccessor only because it is quiet small.

mummysjs, Dec 16, 3:59am
Thank you mackenzie2! My mouth is watering already! !

lukn4bargans, Jul 18, 6:46am
Cool - givingthis ago tonight, will come back and post feedback, glad to see this one has no butter :) :)

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