Cream Cracker help?

angels_halo, Mar 5, 1:17am
Does anyone know what catagory cream crackers comes under? ... and... Are they considered healthy or fattening for a diet? TIA Angels xx

bex32, Mar 5, 1:30am
Vita-wheats are much better for you because they are made of whole grains. They have a new version out which are round too.

red2, Mar 5, 1:31am
def fattening - vita wheats as above or ryvita make a wholegrain range as well

angels_halo, Mar 5, 1:36am
Thanks for that. So do you know what catagory they would come under? Carbs maybe?

goldgurl, Mar 5, 2:21am
def carbs! :)

cap, Sep 30, 10:57pm
Check the nutrition labels on your crackers. With some things like Cream Crackers and Mealmates you may as well go and have a chocolate biscuit.

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