Monkey Bread

rosielee3, Jan 2, 12:37am
Can anyone advise on a recipe for this? I had it years ago and cannot find a recipe for it?

Thank you

evorotorua, Jan 2, 2:14am
I did a quick search on the internet and I think this is like pull apart bread. if thats the case, use a bread dough recipe that you like (or find one in the bread thread). Roll into about 16 balls, dunk each in melted butter and roll in the herbs you want to have flavour the bread. Place the rolls into a bread loaf pan and allow to rise. Bake. Better instruction online. Sounds nice. Interesting name.

rosielee3, Jan 2, 3:17am
this was a sweet bread ... it was amazing and thats the only name i knew it by!

gardie, Jan 2, 3:28am
Can you describe it?

evorotorua, Jan 2, 3:46am
Oh I see a sweet one online as well using a similar method to the savoury but with cinnamon and brown sugar instead of the herbs. Coat the balls with the butter still and then roll in a mixture of cinnamon and brown sugar. A bit like an adapted cinnamon scroll. Add raisins if you want.

rosielee3, Dec 29, 9:06pm
that sounds like it - i must have a go and i guess trial and error!