What to have for Dinner? for 2 tonight?

courtney2004, Mar 4, 3:07am
ummm stuck on what to have to Dinner tonight. I have plenty of food but mother has just been told she has high cholestrol so is now on low fat milk and it sort of have thrown me! any ideas peeps? ? We have lots of meat in freezer including fish etc

fisher, Mar 4, 4:36am
Mines an easy one... Straight from the garden... baby carrots toppped and tailed, boiled and a drizzle of honey and all mixed in. . jersey bennies, all the small ones halved, and butter and parsley over the top. . Butternut pumpkin slices, steamed... only two left now:( ... beetroot boiled in vinegar and brown sugar little salt, skinned and served hot and whole... schnitzel in batter and deep fried for about two minutes. . Beans, butter and green mixed but frozen and still from the garden...

winnie231, Mar 4, 4:52am
Beef bourguignon here ... nice & easy as I put it together this morning and it's been doing it's thing in the slow cooker all day :)

That doesn't help you though ... why not do a nice stirfry?

kcak, Mar 4, 8:55pm
Fish cakes here - mashed potato with no milk or butter, fresh snapper bits (left overs from filleting), 1 egg, parsley, coriander & onion, salt & pepper. Roll patties in breadcrumbs and fry till golden in no cholesterol rice bran oil. Having them with fresh beans and salad.

mackenzie2, Mar 4, 9:16pm
Steak, baby potatos, baby carrots and lettuce salad with cucumber, snowpeas & toms all from the garden. Pudding is rolled pav with raspberrys (good crop this year)

fisher, Mar 4, 10:27pm
mackenzie2. . Nice when you can make your whole meal with fresh veges straight from your own garden... healthy rewards for the effort...

pinx_jewelry, Sep 30, 4:06pm
What do you normally make? There are some great subs to make normally whole fat meals low fat. One thing I do is when making creamy pasta sauce with mince... . after cooking the meat I drain it really well and run it under some hot water, pat it dry... gets a lot of the grease out. Next I add some lite sour cream to the pasta sauce instead of whole cream and wala - it really is delicious and tastes wonderful!

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