Christmas Ham Glazing... dumb question :)

ridingcountry, Dec 24, 1:37am
Hey, was just pondering with a friend over how it is you can take a precooked ham out of the fridge, heat and glaze it the day before Christmas, then put it back in the fridge to be eaten for the next week or so... and somehow not give everyone food poisioning like you would with anything else? Is it just because its smoked/cured? Dumb question I know but neither of us could actually answer it LOL.

davidt4, Dec 24, 1:46am
That's right.The salting delays spoilage.It doesn't mean you can keep it for weeks and weeks, but a week or so is fine.Make sure you handle it cleanly throughout - ideally don't touch it when you slice it but use a carving fork to hold it steady.

And many commercially produced hams are injected with preservative other than salt, so I imagine will keep longer.

ridingcountry, Dec 11, 12:56pm
We were just wondering more how it was possible to reheat it to glaze then let it cool again more than anything thats all, I've always done it but just wondered why it was ok with ham and nothing else, but that answers that thanks! :)