HELP - need marinade recipe for whole eye fillet!

holden012, Dec 23, 9:29pm
Have a 1.6kg whole beef eye fillet for tomorrow, not sure how to prepare it - ie if i should marinade or leave au naturel?Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated . . . .

petal1955, Dec 23, 9:34pm
Eye Filet is the most expensive tender cut available It doesnt need to be marinated.just cook till med rare.....DONT over cook..other wise you will spoil it.

madelahaye, Dec 23, 9:36pm
mmmm the best beef cut ever! .so thender no matter what you do with it.

I'd cut it across the grain into steaks .. then with green pepper corn sauce! mmmmmmm (crushed green peppercorns,cream ..reduce to sauce)

purplegoanna, Dec 23, 9:36pm
dont marinade BUT you could have a small bowl of black pepper and one of garlic mush set aside incase anyone wants to dip theres before cooking....

ant_sonja, Dec 23, 9:47pm
We usually make a 'rub' for a whole fillet - how you are planning on cooking it? With a rub you get a delicious outer crust but it doesn't take away from the natural flavour of the eye fillet, rather it accompanies it. You can make a rub out of any seasoning & herbs of your choice as it very much depends on what you like. I would suggest Paprika, Salt and coarse black pepper, fresh garlic as well as plenty of herbs such as thyme & Oregano - mix well with enough olive oil to make a dryish paste and generously coat your meat in it. Wrap in glad wrap & leave in fridge overnight until you need to cook it. We stick ours on the rotisserie attachment on the BBQ - cook until med/rare (about an 1hr 1/2 on low/med heat) or longer if you prefer med/well etc then set the meat aside for 10 or 15 minutes to rest and slice to serve. You can use the oven for this as well - turn your meat often though to cook all sides evenly. A marinade is something I'd use for other (less tender) cuts but can be made out of similar ingredients - again just depends on your taste :-)

holden012, Dec 9, 10:01pm
thanks for all the advice - was planning to do it on the BBQ tomorrow.Found a recipe using garlic & rosemary, but don't want to overpower the flavour of the meat?I love paprika, so might go down the rub track rather than marinade